Hong Hyun-hee, Lee Hyo-ri ‘Linda G’parody…”Linda Gui”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Comedian Hong Hyun-hee parodized ‘How do you play?’ Parody of Lee Hyo-ri’s second charactor, Linda G.

On the 24th, Hong Hyun-hee released a picture of herself transforming into ‘Linda Gui’, which pariodized Linda G, on her Instagram.

In the released photo, Hong Hee-hee’s sincere face, with her hands neatly placed and looking down, is captured. Hong Hyun-Hee reenacted the perfect retro fashion with ‘Pucca’ (character) hair tied on both sides and a charming head that was lengthened on both sides, and even small sunglasses.

On the other hand, Hong Hyun-hee wore a gold necklace in a white suit and laughed with a perfect copy (paste of copy) of Lee Hyo-ri’s fashion from the hybrid group of MBC ‘How do you play?’

As the curiosity gathered as to why Hong Hyun-hee transformed into ‘Linda Gui’, it is noteworthy whether he will emerge as a new icon that threatens Linda G.


Photo| Hyunhee Hong SNS

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