Kim Sarang, comeback with the mystery social revenge drama ‘Revenge’ (Official)

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Sarang returns to the home theater as ‘Renvenge’.

Leo International, agency of Kim Sarang, announced on the 24th that “Kim Sarang was cast as the main character “Kang Hae-ra” in the first Korean mystery social revenge “Revenge” to be broadcast on TV CHOSUN in October.”

TV CHOSUN weekends drama ‘Revenge’ (play by Kim Hyo-jin, director Kang Min-gu, production high ground, blossom story, story hunter) is a delightful’mystery social’ where the heroine Kang Hae-ra, who was asked for revenge at an accidental opportunity, solved the case and confronted the power It is a revenge. After becoming the wife of a celebrity in ‘Singpan Reporter’, Kim Sarang played the role of ‘Strong Hae-Ra’, who became the hottest influencer in Korea.

While the gorgeous influencer role that exactly fits into the image of a lustrous and beautiful Kim Sarang raises expectations, Kim Sarang is going to pass ‘I’m a nuclear engineer’ who is cheated by viewers as a character who commits’super-strong stone revenge’ against power.

Kim Sarang’s ‘Be Strong’ has a life history like a roller coaster. Although he had to bear the weight of his head since childhood, he became a role model for reporters after entering the broadcasting industry. However, after falling into hell in a day with false scandals, they seek ‘revenge to live’.

It is highly anticipated that viewers will be able to become’Love Life’ of Kim Sarang’s character with a strong story behind an attractive visual.

In addition to Kim Sarang, Yoon Hyun-min, Yoo Sun, Jeong Man-shik, Yoon Soi, joined the TV CHOSUN drama ‘Revenge’, which represents the ‘sensation revenge drama’. It will be aired for the first time in October.

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