Lee Jeong-jae,’Hunt’ directed and confirmed appearance… “Crank in 2021”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Actor Lee Jeong-jae confirmed the directing and appearance of ‘Hunt’  and is preparing to shoot in 2021.

Lee Jeong-jae confirmed the production and casting of the movie ‘Hunt’ (gauze). ‘Hunt’ (gauze) is an espionage action drama in which the secretary of the ace ace, Park Pyeong-ho and Kim Jeong-do, are chasing the chief of the South Korean spy, and face the great truth.

Lee Jeong-jae is an actor with both popularity and workability, with strong acting skills, from four mobilized audiences such as the ‘With God’ series, ‘Assassination’ and ‘The Thieves’ to high-performing genre films such as ‘Sabaha’ and ‘Shinsegae’. Established.

In that role, he took over the international team ‘Park Pyeong-ho’ from ‘Hunt’. Lee Jeong-jae is going to draw a three-dimensional character with strong acting power.

‘Hunt’ is Lee Jeong-jae’s first directing work, so he wrote a scenario for four years and tried to improve the completeness of the film. In addition to this, Mani Pictures, which showed bold works such as ‘Don’, ‘Peacock’, ‘Asura’ and ‘Shinsegae’ along with Artist Studio, takes on production and adds trust.

‘Hunt’, that confirmed Lee Jeong-jae’s first directing and appearance, will finish the remaining casting and crank in in 2021.


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