‘Peninsula’ Thailand’s new film opening record… Fascination across Asia

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

After opening, the movie ‘Peninsula’, which has been the No. 1 box office in Korea, has risen to the top of the box office in Asia, creating a blast.

‘The Peninsula’ is an action blockbuster film depicting the final struggle of those left on the ruined land four years after ‘Train to Busan’. On the first weekend of release, the ‘Peninsula’, which earned $20 million in sales in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, ranked first in the box offices in five Asian countries, is making a record-breaking victory.

Thailand, which received explosive attention as the pre-booking rate No. 1 before the opening, is ranked 1st in the box office with $13.2 million (USD) on the first day of opening, even though movie theater distance is being implemented. ‘, exceeding the record of USD 1.7 million, breaking the number one record in Korean movie history.

In response to this record, Sahamongkol Film International, a Thai distributor, said, “People have long been waiting for well-made commercial films. “The Peninsula” is a movie that contains everything the audience wants,” he analyzed.

The media and audiences who actually watched the movie are also popular. Local media PatSonic commented, “It was fascinating to see Juni’s car-chasing action.” EFM said, “It’s a movie worth watching in a theater with a big screen and big sound, especially interesting with IMAX and 4DX systems. Will be.”

On the SNS, “Everybody must see the zombie movie” (Twitter_Buga***), “The car chasing action was so cool. 10-point action acting out of 10!” (Twitter_baby***), “9/ 10 It is a very funny movie. Ports, roads, and ruined cities where details are alive seemed to watch Hollywood movies” (Facebook_horr***), as well as acclaim for speedy car-chasing action, as well as for overwhelming visuals.

Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, which opened a week earlier than Thailand, have continued the syndrome by ranking first in the box office for two consecutive weeks.

Vietnamese media VnExpress iOne commented, “It’s a great movie as an entertainment movie,” and Taiwanese media Epochtimes said, “Large-scale chasing scenes and shootings made me feel like watching a Hollywood movie.”

It is no different from the audience’s influential media that actually watched the movie. “I finally saw the peninsula yesterday. It was so much fun than I expected” (Taiwan, Twitter_rora***), “Car chasing was thrilling. It’s a must-see movie” (Vietnam, Facebook_Tra***), “It was a thrilling and exciting movie. The last 20 minutes were impressive” (Singapore, Goldenvillage_cin***), “It’s the best! “The ending is the best” (Malaysia, Twitter_eja***) and the movie was highly praised with recommendations.

Thanks to the enthusiastic reaction of Asian audiences towards ‘Peninsula’, Mongolia decided to open today (24th) ahead of the scheduled schedule. As the screenings of the eve and the early morning screenings continue to sell out, Mongolia is expected to show success. It is noteworthy whether the ‘Peninsula’, which is sweeping the No. 1 box office in all over Asia, which has released a movie, is creating an explosive reaction beyond Asia, can also be a hit in North America and Europe.

‘Peninsula’, which is enchanting the whole of Asia and revitalizing the film industry, is highly praised in theaters nationwide.


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