Seo Young-hee, comeback ‘Dong Sang-i-Mong 2’ in only two months after childbirth …

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Actress Seo Young-hee returns to Korea after two months of childbirth as ‘Dong-sang IMong 2’.

On the 27th, SBS entertainment program ‘Dong-sang IMong 2 You Are My Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as’Dong Sang Imong 2′), Seo Young-hee, an actor and mother of two daughters, will appear as a special MC. Seo Young-hee, who visited the studio just 80 days after her second childbirth, reveals the daily life of her 10th year of marriage, from the reason she decided to get married in three months of love to the story of raising her two daughters.

Seo Young-hee, who has released an unprecedented presence with intense acting in thriller films such as the films ‘chaser’ and ‘the end of the murder of Kim Bok-nam’, released a childcare episode that was as frightening as the movie (?). There seems to be an accident.” The first daughter released a distressing anecdote when she fell out of bed about 5 months of age or the second daughter, who was less than 3 months old, went to the emergency room.

MCs said, “There is often such a thing when raising a child,” but said, “Although it’s the same story, Seo Young-hee does it for some reason and feels horror.” The story of Seo Young-hee’s two daughters is going to be released through the broadcast.

On the other hand, Seo Young-hee attracted attention by saying that she was living upstairs with her parents. Seo Young-hee said, “I am living with something’heavy,’” and the studio’s empathy was created by telling the pros and cons of living on the floor downstairs.

In addition, Seo Young-hee revealed that she has a romance for the director. Seo Young-hee said, “I’m envious” while watching the VCR video of Sung-kwang Park and said, “I haven’t moved yet.” In response to this, MC Kim Gu-ra asked, “Why don’t we move into a detached house with my parents,” Seo Young-hee paused and smiled because she couldn’t answer.

The story of the special MC actor Seo Young-hee can be found on’Dong-sang IMong 2’broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 27th.

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