“The world of genre comedy-The world of Married” “The last episode on the 25th, the last miserable than the original Lee Tae-oh”

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JTBC’s first short form drama comedy ‘The World of Genre Comedy- The world of Married’ Corner ‘The World of Song’ The last episode is broadcast, and the end of Lee Tae-oh’s more miserable future than the original is predicted, and it raises expectations.

The JTBC ‘World of Songs’, which will be aired on the 25th, is one of the contents of the comedy program ‘The World of genre Comedy’ (directed by Su-min Suh, Kim Jae-won), which consists of a ‘short form drama’ of various fun. This is a comedy drama that parodized the JTBC drama ‘The World of Married’. It has earned a reputation as a ‘Sweet Qualody Parody’ (especially a high quality parody) with its passionate development and strong performance of the cast.

In particular, while the last episode of ‘The World of Wealth’ is aired this week, the parody of the scene of ‘Love is not a sin!’ in ‘The World of Married’ is anticipated and the expectations are raised. When the wife Kim Hee-ae (as Ji Sun-woo) exposed herself and Han So-hee’s affair and pregnancy in front of Han So-hee’s ( Yeo Dae-kyung’s) parents, she shouted excuses, not excuses, saying, “It’s not a sin to fall in love.” The scene of the great drama that made the rage index soar.

Therefore, in ‘The World of Married’, the scene of ‘Love is not a sin!’ will be reborn as a cool cider scene to bring joy. In particular, Ahn Young-mi, in front of the scene, said, “I recommend the scene of the scene, \ which seems to be safe even if all the people know. It was a scene where everyone felt anger, so I made a parody as a cool cider scene with all my energy.”

What’s more, the world of Married has provided fun with a shocking and intense ending that is different from the original for the past three times. Expectations are amplified in the final ending, which will put an end to unprecedented development.

“The world of genre comedy” production staff said, “The final episode of “The World of Song” will be aired on the 25th. It will be a more intensely unfolding development and an amazing ending.” In particular, Lee Tae-oh (Yoo Se-yun) in the play will have a more disastrous end than the original and will make viewers pierce. We look forward to your expectations.”

The full-scale genre expansion comedy JTBC ‘The world of genre comedy’, which will be filled with high-quality short form drama comedies that have not been seen anywhere else, will be aired at 7:40 pm on the 25th.


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