April and ILUV (Botopass) Suspicion of harassment ahead of comeback/debut’Poverty’ [MK Issues]

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Girls groups ahead of the summer comeback swallowed tears before revelation. The group ILUV, that change their team name to ‘Botopass’, and re-debut, and the group April to face an ambitious summer comeback.

With a new team called Botopass, ILUV, who is about to debut on August 4, is in trouble due to the revelation of former member Shin Min-ah. The conflict between Shin Min-ah and I Love rose to the surface on the 15th by Shin Min-ah’s revelation. Shin Min-ah made a video titled ‘Thank you very much police officer’ on her YouTube channel ‘Cocoah’ on this day. She said he was rescued with the help of the police.

Still, Shin Min-a complained of the pain by saying, “I’m really troubled.” Suspicion was raised that there was something that Shin Min-ah did not reveal in the background of her extreme choice. As the writings of Shin Min-A were recited, various online communities were alleged that Shin Min-A was constantly being bullied by members in her team’s ILUV.

ILUV’s agency immediately denied Shin Min-ah’s claim, saying “it’s true,” but Shin Min-ah also replied, “Is this job going to end when I die?” On the 22nd, SBS ‘Full Celebrity Midnight’ revealed a new allegation about Shin Min-ah’s ILUV members, and the agency said, “I will take a civil and criminal action against Shin Min-a.”

The agency refuted all of Shin Min-ah’s claims, including bullying, and members’ disorderly privacy. In particular, about the members’ allegations of sexual harassment, the agency said, “These claims make them angry.” Rather, Shin Min-ah enjoyed playing around touching the body of others.

Also, “It is not enough to make a member of bullying, and it is a serious situation not to mention the shock of members and the current status of members while selling as sexually promiscuous people who enjoy abuse, harassment, sleepover, drinking, and bullying colleagues.” the agency claimed.

The agency said, “In a moment, ILUV members became the main culprit of bullying, and a 19-year-old minor becomes a disgraceful person, and a friend who seeks a new way away from the audition has been branded from the start and passes the audition fairly. Even for those who are about to make their debut, the current wound is too great. The children are so distressed that they are traumatized, and there are some people who suffer from vomiting as well as insomnia. Wow, I sincerely apologize to the members and their families and fans and hope to return everything to its original state.”

Both sides have reportedly admitted to the lawsuit, and the case was headed to court. Among them, April, who was about to make a comeback with the summer special single’Hello Summer’ on the 29th, unexpectedly cried over the suspicion raised toward member Na-eun (Lee Na-eun).

On the 22nd, netizen A, who claimed to be an elementary school alumni of Lee Na-eun in the online community, posted a revelation that she had been bullied by Lee Na-eun. In the article, A claimed that he had been close to Lee Na-eun and her other friend, B, but from one day onwards, two people had bullied me.

A said, “I once said that I was like a person with a disability while pointing at me.” Every time I look at her face, I’m haunted by my past. It may be easy to say, but then I was hurt. I hope Lee Na-eun still remember her faults.”

However, DSP Media, a better agency, suggested that A’s allegations are groundless rumor. On the 23rd, the agency said, “Since we recognized the posts published in the community, we have gone through a careful verification process through not only the artist himself, but also other acquaintances. We concluded that it was true.” Decided to proceed with the response. “There is no consensus or agreement.”

As much as being alleged, April and Na-eun are scheduled to make a comeback activity. The agency said it was regrettable to raise the suspicion, but said that “April comeback will proceed according to schedule,” and said it plans to fully digest the scheduled schedules such as music broadcasting.


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