‘Eye contact’ Lee Hoon X Choi Jeong-won, tears with eye contact… Who is the other person?

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actors Lee Hoon and Choi Jung-won quietly make eye contact with someone and weep.

On the 29th at 9:50 pm on Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Eye Contact’, a quiet but grim eye-catching scene of actor Lee Hoon and musical star Choi Jeong-won will be revealed. On the 24th, the production team unveiled the appearance of Lee Hoon and Choi Jeong-Won looking at someone and turning their eyes red.

In the trailer, it looks like someone is weeping and weeping together, but we can just see Silent Lee Hoon. In the previous episode, Lee Hoon said to the other person, “He promised me. But she shamelessly broke it all.” When the blind opened, she smiled as if she was absurd and asked, “Are you laughing now?” However, when the other party sheds tears, Lee Hoon suppresses the feelings of drumming up together and barely says, “That’s right…”.

Meanwhile, in the musical actor Choi Jeong-won’s side, Choi Jeong-won shed tears in silence in front of a mysterious opponent. Choi Jung-won, with a faint smile, looked at the other person with affectionate eyes and wondered who she had made eye contact with.

‘Eye Contact’, a new concept of silent performance of Channel A, which is newly coming into the eye contact with Wednesday, will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 29th.


Photo courtesy| Channel A
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