“Morning Yard” Na Tae-ju “I almost fell into the sea on the west coast and died.”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

‘Morning Yard’, said that Na Tae-ju had been drowned in the past.

On the 24th, KBS1’s ‘Morning yard’ in ‘Morning Talk, If It were me’ talked on the theme of ‘My Secret to Summer’.

“I almost died. I went to play with my relatives on the west coast and went fishing in the sea. My father’s hat flew away after the rain stopped. “I was hit by the hips of my father and fell into the water while my father was struggling to catch his hat.”

“I was in a place where the water depth was over 20m, but I didn’t know that my father was worried about his hat for 2-3 minutes. Fortunately, it was not outgoing water, but still water. Then my father caught me.”


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