‘Tasteful Square’ Kim Dong-jun, Cooking beginner → Yang Se-hyung’s ‘Next Generation Cooking best student’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

‘Tasteful Square’ Kim Dong-jun has grown into a dream tree for the next generation.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Tasteful Square’, which was broadcast on the 23rd, Kim Dong-jun made eggplant cold noodles with recipes directly sent by Kim Hee-cheol and viewers.

Paik Jong-won acknowledged the creativity of Kim Dong-jun and Kim Hee-chul, who combined branches with cold countries, and raised their hands. Kim Dong-jun, the representative of ‘The Square of Tastefulness’, was cheered by winning against Yang Se-hyung and Yoo Byeong-jae.

Next, the dishes were served with oyster mushroom, a specialty of Yeoju, at the ‘Tasteful Square’. Paik Jong-won prepared bibim noodle and entrusted his cooking assistant to Kim Dong-jun, his hometown of Busan. Kim Dong-jun came up with an active attitude, thinking of Bibim noodle, one of Busan’s representative foods.

Paik Jong-won praised Kim Dong-jun’s culinary sense as the days progressed, and Kim Dong-jun further stimulated the salivary glands with a delicious bibimbap ‘meokbang’.

In addition, Kim Dong-jun re-cooked the oyster mushroom with ingredients. “I want to show you a healthy meal,” he said about why he chose toast of oyster mushroom among the recipes sent by viewers.

After the last week, I wondered if Kim Dong-jun, who showed his culinary skills, could win this recipe showdown.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-joon meets with viewers every Thursday night at SBS ‘Tasteful Square’ and will continue acting through JTBC’s new drama ‘The Number of Cases’ (played by Cho Seung-hee, Choi Sung-beom) scheduled to air in the second half of this year.


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