From ‘Playing sister’ Park Se-ri’s “In my generation~” to Moon Sung-gon’s sweet greeting Gwak Min-jung… 6-person 6-color teaser released

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

The six-color character teaser for ‘Playing Sister’ has been released, and it has already caused laughter.

In a new entertainment program, ‘Playing Sister’, which is a ‘playing’ program that challenges women who have lost their lives while striving for sports, Park Se-ri, Nam Hyun-hee, Lee Jae-young, Lee Da-young, Gwak Min-jung, and Jeong Yu-in’s unpredictable reversal charm will be found.

First of all, the older sister Park Se-ri attracted attention by showing honest aspects, as an emerging entertainment cheat-key. Like Lee Jae-young of “I’m going to take a picture,” Lee Da-young of “I’m going to get an autograph,” the juniors showed an infinite fan mind, but Park Se-ri shouted “In my generation~” without even attempting to join the juniors in self-discipline training, and he had a difficult performance in the future. Is expected.

Nam Hyun-hee, who became a mother swordsman from a peanut swordsman, appears as an all-round solver as if she is taking care of a cast (?). Stimulates curiosity about what he said.

Sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young are not super twins on the court, but transform into super nuggets in ‘Playing Sister’. Lee Da-young throws a rumor that she wants to spend a hot night, and Lee Jae-young is embarrassed and stopped by such unstoppable words.

After retiring, Gwak Min-jung, who ran as a coach from a figure fairy and ran without a blank space, spews out the dangling beauty that put everything down. Above all, the scene where the pro-wedding professional basketball player Moon Sung-gon came out to hope for her was captured, and it is even more eye-catching that the sweet appearances of the two who were getting married through ‘Playing Sister’ are revealed for the first time.

Jung Yu-in, who’ve been swimming for 23 years, first brought admiration to the biceps and light back muscles that make both eyes suspicious. The word ‘if you are cool’ boasted the perfect muscles that automatically popped out, and you were inflated by an unexpected body gag outside the water, making your intuition attractive again.

In the midst of anticipation, the new challenge of the six athletes who came out to play, rather than the athletic field, continues to meet live photos and videos through the official Instagram of’Playing Sister’.

Meanwhile, the new T-cast E-channel entertainment program ‘Playing Sister’ will first air on August 4th at 8:30 pm.

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