Korea Music Copyright Association “co-response to some OTT companies, fear of restraining efforts to resolve illegality ↑”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

The Korean Music Copyright Association (Chairman Hong Jin-young) expressed its official position on the request for joint consultation of the OTT Music Copyright Countermeasures Committee (OTT Council) consisting of Wave, TVing, and Watcha.

The Yonhap Hypothesis raises the question of whether it is appropriate for ‘some’ OTT operators who are illegally infringing copyright in the name of a council to respond. This is different from asking the victims to jointly negotiate the compensation amount. It’s a bar-free situation.

However, as in the past, it was made clear that, as it has been so far, it plans to “continue to make an agreement” on the basis of specific grounds with the individual businesses that have made progress.

“The OTT operators are launching without permission from the copyright holder as they are now, so acts that violate copyright laws may be subject to criminal sanctions as well as civil sanctions.” “We are actively working to resolve the misconduct, but it can have the consequence of interfering with their sincere attitude.”

Even if the tone agreement reached an agreement with the OTT consultative, it said, “There is no basis to have any binding force on the overall OTT services provided in Korea.” Then the music owner, after a difficult agreement with the OTT consultative, then again “It means that we have to double the agreement with the contract.”

In addition, officials from the Korea Federation of Commerce and Industry Association said, “They have claimed that they have never paid for the fee, but the Korea Federation has claimed that the fee has been raised, and there is no current regulation on OTT, but they are expressing the wrong position to pay according to the current regulation.” In addition, he revealed his will to correct the facts that are distorted.

In addition, he pointed out that “0.625% of the OTT councils claiming to be ‘current regulations’ were in 2006 even before smartphones became popular, and were only applied to ‘review’ of the broadcasting company’s own website. OTT emphasizes content differentiation strategies such as ‘self-production’ and ‘exclusive disclosure’, which are far from replay. “It is a claim that does not fit at all,” he said.

Currently, there are only 3 services named Wave, TVing and Watcha in the OTT Council. An official of the Korea Music Copyright Association said, “I think domestic OTT is over 10, so I wonder why only 3 services were formed, and why can’t I name it even if more services are in the council?”


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