Kwak Jeong-hee, an actress mostly play the role of Mother-in-law “I divorced when my daughter was 7 months old… I had a chance to remarry” (‘Video Star’)

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Kwak Jeong-hee, an actress who mostly played the role of Mother-in-law for many dramas, appears on her first talk show 48 years after her debut, and confesses her feelings about marriage and love.

MBC EveryOne ‘Video Star’ broadcast on the 28th is ‘Experience! The actors Kim Cheong, Yoo Hye-ri, Choi Soo-rin, and Kwak Jeong-hee appear while being decorated with ‘Experience! The world of my husband’s family’

Actress Kwak Jeong-hee, who showed off her previous mother-in-law acting in the drama ‘Love and War’, appears on the talk show for the first time since her debut. Kwak Jeong-hee is a 48-year-old actor and actor Lee Deok-hwa who made his debut with 13 TBC bonds in 1972.

On this day, Kwak Jeong-hee showed the characteristics of the mother-in-law of’Love and War’ through acting. “Usually, the daily soap opera is a story of ‘Riding Battle’, but ‘Love and War’ should show the story of ‘Determination’,” she said.

Accordingly, MC Kim Sook played the role of ‘a strong daughter-in-law’ and played a conflict situation with Kwak Jeong-hee, showing a traditional conflicts between women and their mother-in-law. Kwak Jeong-hee’s ‘Love and War’ table Back door that everyone could not let go of the tension in the acting of the mother-in-law.

At the end of the recording, Kwak Jeong-hee also showed honest feelings about marriage and love. She said, “I divorced when my daughter was 7 months, and I’m a single.” “I had a chance to remarry in the past, but how can I be happy after abandoning my child,” she recalled at the time, and finally shed tears.
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