“Master in the House” Park Na-rae “I sincerely liked Yang Se-chan”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Park Na-rae confessed that she truly loved Yang Se-chan.

In the SBS entertainment program broadcasted on the 26th, ‘Master in the House’, comedian Park Na-rae and Jang Do-yeon appeared as ‘The Masters Changing Paradigm’.

On this day, Kim Dong-hyun asked, “I heard that Park Na-rae liked Yang Se-chan. Is it real?”, and Park Na-rae replied, “I can share a sad story. Indeed, I used to sincerely loved him alone,” When Lee Seung-gi asked, “Was it real, not a fiction?” Park Narae replied, “It’s real. Yang Se-hyung will know.”

Park Na-rae released an unrequited love episode and said, “At that time, I, Jang Do-yeon, and Yang Se-hyung were in a comedy program, I liked Yang Se-chan, so I just laughed at Yang Se-hyung. One dya, Yang Se-hyung came to me and said, ‘I already know. How long did you love me?'” Then, all people in the studio laughed.

Jang Do-yeon re-enacted Yang Se-hyung’s cool pretense and added laughter to the revelation by saying, “He once asked me about that, saying ‘Park Na-rae likes me, right?'”

Meanwhile, Yang Se-hyung and Yang Se-chan walk along the path of comedians between brothers.


Photo| SBS broadcast screen capture

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