“Mr. Trot” concert side “Apply for provisional disposition to administrative order to ban the assembly of Songpa-gu” [Official]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The ‘Mr. Trot’ concert side filed an application for temporary suspension of suspension against Songpa-gu’s administrative order.

On the 27th, Mr. Trot’s concert performance producer Showplay official filed a provisional disposition to “Maeil Business News Today” (for Songpa-gu’s administrative order). I will tell you the details once it is arranged.” The results are expected to come out earlier this week.

Earlier, the ‘Mr. Trot’ concert announced the performance at the gymnastics stadium in Olympic Park for three weeks until August 9, starting with the first episode at 7:30 PM on July 24. However, on the 21st, Songpa-gu postponed the first week’s performance by issuing an ‘announcement of an administrative order prohibiting large-scale performances’ (Public Notice No. 2020-1146).

The Songpa-gu Office said that it was an inevitable decision to prevent the possibility of COVID-19 confirmed patients in the hall in advance. In this respect, the showplay side was not embarrassed.

“After four days of setup and a day before rehearsal, we were notified by the performers and hundreds of former staff.” Of course, who will be responsible for the social costs of fans who have been waiting for the performance? Without discussing these matters in depth, we cannot hide the embarrassment from the order that we ordered to ban the gathering three days before the performance.”


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