‘Simple arrangement’ Yang Dong-geun’s house revealed, MCs were surprised by an unusual house structure

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

The home of the 5th commissioned protagonist of the tvN ‘Simple Arrangement’ is revealed.

On tvN’s ‘Simple Arrangement’, which is aired on the 27th,’Hip Hop Daddy’, Yang Dong-Geun appears as a client with troubles.

On this day’s broadcast, it is also briefly admired by Yang Dong-geun, who lives in a nature-friendly place that everyone in the city is envious of, and an imminent group who admires the residential environment of their families.

A large family of Yang Dong-geun, with his wife, three children and dogs, are not easy to organize, and a unique room structure is added to predict the difficulty. Despite the efforts of Yang Dong-geun’s wife, who had already tried to clean up with reference to the previous episode of ‘Simple Arrangement’, it is said that everyone has joined forces more than ever in a house that is not easy to clean up.

In particular, objects with unknown uses and mysterious spaces will embarrass the imminent organizers and add laughter. The focus is on what kind of new solution can solve client Yang Dong-geun’s theorem. Also, it is said that sincere stories of ‘Hip Hopper’ Yang Dong-geun and ‘breadwinner’ Yang Dong-geun, which naturally flowed out during house cleaning, will be revealed.

On the other hand, tvN ‘simple arrangement’ is a program that organizes the objects of’home’, which is my own space, and shares the know-how that adds happiness to the space. It is broadcast every Monday at 10:30.


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