Singer-songwriter, police investigator suspected of illegal body shooting “I was married and doing soul-searching…”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter and label representative A, 42, is under police investigation for allegedly illegally photographing women’s bodies.

SBS funE said on the 27th, “A is under investigation for secretly taking photos of women’s bodies, including sexual intercourse, using a sneak shot device until the beginning of this year.”

The Seoul Gwangjin Police Station is in the process of investigating Mr. A. It was reported that he had been investigated by the suspect and acknowledged some of the charges.

Mr. A also raised suspicion that he had tried to hide his or her history and information by requesting to delete the portal site profile since June immediately after the police investigation began.

Mr. A said, “I know that I have done something illegal and I am very regretful.”

Mr. A is a singer-songwriter who debuted on the occasion of a song festival award in 2004 and released over 120 songs. There is also a history of publishing an essay about love.
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