‘The Flower of Evil’ Jang Hee-jin “Lee Jun-gi and I are happy to work together once again, filming happily”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Jang Hee-jin and Seo Hyun-woo of the new tvN tree drama ‘The Flower of Evil’ predicted fantastic acting performances among actors and showed off their undisputed teamwork.

tvN’s new tree drama ‘The Flower of Evil’ (played by Yoo Jung-hee, director Kim Cheol-gyu) is a man who even played love, Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) and his wife Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), who began to doubt his reality, and faced uneasy truth. It is a high-density emotional tracing play.

Expecting the synergy of actors with heavy concentration of suspense melodies from Lee Joon-gi (as Baek Hee-sung) and Moon Chae-won (as Cha Ji-won), as well as new condensation that Jang Hee-jin (Do Hae-soo) and Seo Hyun-woo (Kim Moo-jin) never showed.

Jang Hee-jin, who plays the role of Do Hae-soo, a special makeup artist in the play, said, “It was a good film a drama with Lee Joon-gi once again. Unlike the character in charge, I am so bright and cheerful that I usually enjoy shooting together. However, it seems that they have come to a completely different atmosphere in the play. Please look forward to it.” This raises questions about how the two actors will meet in the play.

“This is my first time to work with Moon Chae-won, but she is very emotional. Thanks to this, it seems like a new acting synergy is coming out.”

Seo Hyun-woo, who plays the role of reporter Kim Moo-jin, who pursues the scoop, will play an active role between Baek Hee-sung and Cha Ji-won, as he secures the role of an advanced regulator that brings tension and excitement to the play.

First, “Since Lee Joon-gi and I have already been practicing acting performance well since the script. Rather, they asked each other to open up the unexpectedness and try to do what they feel, in case they would harden in the field. But he showed me really flexible reactions, and another breath and expression were found at that time.”

Also, “Moon Chae-won helps her companions to focus on acting. I showed off the warm teamwork by watching the whole scene and dragging it well without being in a hurry, making it a standard for me when I’m breathing fast, sagging, excessive or less.”

With the expectation of the acting ensemble of the four actors who believe and see this way, Jang Hee-jin and Seo Hyun-woo’s Do Hae-soo and Kim Moo-jin have also been found to lead to ‘first love’ in the past.

tvN’s new tree drama ‘The Flower of Evil’, which will put together a fragmented puzzle between Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Jang Hee-jin, and Seo Hyun-Woo, is going to be the first at 10:50 on Wednesday, the 29th. It is broadcast.


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