‘Zombie Detective’ Choi Jin-hyuk reveals his first steelcut…’Lonely + fatal atmosphere’ ‘Zomme Fatal’

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Choi Jin-hyuk showcases the charms of dramas between humans and zombies through ‘Zombie Detective’.

In the second half of this year, KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘Zombie Detective’ (directed by Shim Jae-hyun, playwright Bae Eun-jin, production Raemong Lane) revealed Choi Jin-hyuk’s first stills, and is catching attention with his warm charisma.

‘Zombie Detective’ is a human comedy drama in which the zombie of the second year of resurrection becomes a detective and struggles to find his past. KBS Entertainment Bureau, which produced works that conveyed a variety of fun, such as ‘Producer’ and ‘Confessional Couple’, is raising expectations after production.

Choi Jin-hyuk plays the role of Kim Moo-young, a zombie full of humanity, an unique character. Unlike the bizarre and terrifying zombie characters that have appeared in ‘Zombie Water’ so far, he will showcase a character that combines sexy ferocity and humanity, and will provide a different fun.

In the public picture, Choi Jin-hyuk, who radiates a lonely atmosphere, is included. His expression looking somewhere thoughtfully gives a soft charisma. In addition, Choi Jin-hyuk shows his character and smacking synchro, showing off his wild beauty with intense eyes, and his attention is focused on how to express the zombie Kim Moo-young, who completely melted into the human world, with his own color.

In addition, Choi Jin-hyuk is said to perfectly digest the character of ‘New Concept Zombie’ with a friendly face full of human beauty. The detective investigation against injustice provides a delightful room foretelling the birth of a delightful human comedy drama. Indeed, attention is paid to what kind of charm Choi Jin-hyuk will capture in the home theater.

Choi Jin-hyuk’s three-dimensional acting with a dazzling aura like this can be seen in KBS 2TV’s monthly drama ‘Zombie Detective’, which will be broadcast in the second half of the year following ‘Men are men’.


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