‘Dogs are incredible’ PD “Kang Nam adopted a stray dog, he is seriously thinking about to be with a dog” [Direct interview]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Lee Tae-heon, the director of ‘Dogs are incredible,’ highlighted that Kang Nam is seriously thinking about taking care of a stray dog.

Kang Nam and Jessi appeared as guests in KBS2 ‘Dogs Are Incredible’, broadcast on the 27th. Kang Hyung-wook, Lee Kyung-gyu, Kang Nam and Jessi went to ‘Reborn’, a center for stray dog in Gangdong-gu. They heard a story from the story of the rescue of an abandoned dog, and Kang Nam was unable to keep an eye out when he met an abandoned dog poodle ‘Jjigae’. After that, Kang Nam made a video call to Lee Sang-hwa, his wife, and had a serious conversation about adopting an abandoned dog.

“Dogs are Incredible,” PD Lee Tae-heon said in a phone call with Daily Economy Star Today on the 28th, “As shown on the broadcast, Kang Nam is waiting for the results after filing for adoption. “If you apply for adoption, you have to look at the requirements to see if your dogs can be happy.” “It was never done for broadcasting.”

“Kang Nam is already raising a dog, and he is seriously thinking about the adoption. Adoption is not an easy task,” he said. “Kang Nam loves dogs so much that he voluntarily appeared on my show again. He really likes dogs. Isn’t there a campaign to encourage people to adopt pets, rather than buying at pet shops? There are many people adopt stray dogs like Lee Hyo-ri. Likewise, we have the opportunity to think about adoption together, as Kang Nam is doing. I am still waiting for the screening, and once confirmed, I think I will tell the story through broadcasting.”

On this day, Aru, a dog which was given up to be adopted, appeared as a troubled dog. Aru, who was on the verge of being attacked for its heavy mouth and aggressiveness, still apologizes for attacking his family. Kang Hyung-wook went to correction, taking the bite for education, and Aru’s change was drawn to impress.

The PD said, “In fact, we are afraid of being bitten. However, Kang Hyung-wook didn’t care about being bitten. It was as if the beekeepers said it was okay to be stung. Kang Hyung-wook said that he did his best because he was not trained when he stepped back.

In addition, Lee Kyung-gyu showed a more’hand-made’ aspect by presenting Kang Hyung-wook’s training course and explaining it to Gangnam.

The PD said, “Lee Kyung-gyu is a dog lover.” “As common sense about dogs developed, he became an intellectual of dogs. I can always feel that he genuinely loves dog. Many say ‘Lee Kyung-gyu is the great student of Kang Hyung-wook. It was filmed from August last year, and it is over a year. Although there are no official positions for trainees, non-companion and companion viewers grow as they watch the growth period of Lee Kyung-gyu. I will be able to see the trainees who are growing in the future.”

After the reason that ‘Dogs are incredible’ got off, the show has yet to find a new MC. Lee PD said, “I need an MC to connect both Lee Kyung-gyu and Kang Hyung-wook, but the guests who do it together are doing well. For the time being, I think I will go to both MC formats. I am still in trouble. The organization is changing now and everyone is changing a lot. In this situation, I try to stick to the original content or original content rather than the MC.”

“Dogs are Incredible” is broadcast every Monday at 10:40 PM.


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