Han Sun-hwa X Han Seung-woo took a pictorial as siblings for the first time since their debuts ‘Superior Gene’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Through the magazine’s First Look 200, siblings Han Sun-hwa, who is a leading role in the drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’, and Han Seung-woo of VICTON, met at the end of the solo album.

In the public picture, the Hans looked at the camera with her playful expressions, wrapped in each other’s arms, showing a friendly appearance, like a sibling, a friend, or a lover, attracting attention by revealing a warm visual.

Han Sun-hwa and Han Seung-woo, who met at the pictorial shooting site, seemed awkward as a real sibling, but showed affection for each other.

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, Han Sun-hwa, an older sister, talked about Han Seung-woo, as a co-worker and her younger brother. “When I saw Seung-woo on the stage, his performance is great. It is proud, but on the other hand, there are times when I feel somehow sympathize with him”. Han Seung-woo also said, “There is a difference between my sister at home and a celebrity, Han Sun-hwa. I think she’s really cool and professional when she’s working. She often communicates with mom at home. She always makes family fun. I liked her moment as a family member.”

And since the Hans are walking on a similar job, ask if they have ever asked for advice or discussed their concerns. “Since we look like real brother and sister, we don’t always contact, asking ‘How’s everything going?’. And, as Seung-woo behaves with maturity, he rarely talk about his difficulities. So I’m going to tell him something that can be helpful as much as possible.” Han Seung-woo also said, “Since my sister has done well, I think I’m trying to endure well even if there is something difficult. In fact, I don’t think my sister is worried about my sister in any house”.

Interviews with Han Sun-hwa and Han Seung-woo’s steamed brother-in-law’s chemistry pictorial can be confirmed through’First Look’ 200 and Instagram.


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