‘Choiae Entertainment’ profile shooting site released… The strongest trot group was born

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

‘Choi-Ae Entertainment’ profile shooting site will be revealed.

On August 1, the MBC entertainment program ‘Choi-Ae Entertainment’ (directed Oh Nu-ri, Lee Min-ji), which will be broadcast at 9:50 pm, revealed the profile pictures and shooting scenes of the members of ‘Choi-Ae’ and announced the birth of the strongest trot group.

In the released photos, Hui, MJ, Ok Jin-wook, Choo Hyuk-jin, and Park Hyung-seok are radiating sweetness with a shy smile. ‘Choi Ae’ members in front of a pink background have already melted the hearts of viewers by wearing jeans in white tee and flirting with camera and icon tact.

In the making video released together, Jang Yoon-jung, Kim Shin-young, Lee Teuk prior to taking pictures, ordered various members such as “friendly smile”, “boyfriend feeling”, “grandson-like shot”, etc. It is the back door that he continued shooting with his charm.

In particular, Hui and MJ, who are active as idol group members, produced natural poses and facial expressions, and showed off their face as a professional singer. On the other hand, Park Hyeong-seok, the first trot in profile shooting, showed the simplicity and captured the colorful charm of ‘Choi-Ae Trot Group’.

The MBC entertainment program ‘Choi-Ae Entertainment’, which can share the growth period of the trot group, is broadcast every Saturday at 9:50 pm.


Photo courtesy| MBC
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