‘Eye contact’ Haha “Lee Hoon’s nickname is Ichon-dong Guardiance”

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‘Eye contact’ meets actor Lee Hoon as the first eye applicant after changing broadcast time to 9:50 PM on Wednesday.

On the Channel A entertainment program ‘Eye contact’, which will be broadcast on the 29th, the performance of the youth star Lee Hoon in the 1990s will be revealed, and it will catch the viewers’ attention. Lee Hoon, who performed outstandingly not only with acting but also with various performing arts MCs, became a ‘Legend Man’ with amazing power to overwhelm the gruesome moment that rushed to Kim Ye-bun, the broadcaster who played the accompanying MC at a live broadcast site.

3MC Kang Ho-dong Lee Sang-min, who looked at the material screen with the urgency of the time, was impressed, especially Haha, “I lived in the same town with Lee Hoon. His nickname was ‘Ichon-dong Guardiance’. He solved all problems in the town.”

However, Lee Hoon’s facial expression was not bright before the eye contact. He said, “I finished one filming in March, but all the work I was trying to do was postponed because of Covid-19 this year. “This spring is really a brutal spring for me, and these people are a problem these days. Talked about the eye contact.

However, the other person who appeared in the eye contact room by Lee Hoon’s invitation replied, “I don’t know because I didn’t have a conversation.” He also replied that he didn’t know the English language, saying, “There are many things that don’t work with me… Did you call me to get close because I’m not very friendly?”

Lee hoon’s legendary past performance and his opponent, who claims unfamiliarity with Lee Hoon are revealed at Channel A ‘Eye contact’, which is broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 29th after returning to ‘Sunday Night Match’.


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