Gaeko Injury, surgery over 3 hours for fracture…Haengju and Lee Hyun-yi wished him to get well soon [Comprehensive]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

A member of hip-hop duo, Dynamic Duo member Gaeko has undergone surgery for fractures, and cheers from fellow entertainers and netizens are pouring.

Amoeba Culture officials at the agency said on the 29th of May Daily Economy Star Today, “Gaeko had a right arm fracture. Thank you for your concern. I will focus on treatment for the time being.”

The news of Gaeko’s injury was first announced through Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo-mi.

Kim Soo-mi said on her SNS earlier that day, “I saw the husband coming out with a white face after surgery, and I realized how grateful my ordinary life was. Always be careful not to hurt everyone and take good care of your health. “Please pray for Gaeko’s pleasure.”

In addition, the photos that were released contain text capture pictures that indicate the beginning and end of the operation. According to this, Gaeko started surgery at 4:20 pm on the 27th and left the operating room at 8:5 pm. He underwent surgery by 3 hours and 30 minutes.

When asked about the surgery news through SNS, the rapper was asked, “What’s wrong with you,” and model Lee Hyun-yi was concerned about Gaeko’s health with the comment “Oh, Gaeko…”.

The netizens also said, “Your wife must have been surprised”, “I hope you gets well soon, though you were embarrassed by your injury”, “What’s going on here? Good luck”, “Don’t be sick. I’m a fan, but it hurts my heart to see this article.”

Meanwhile, Gaeko and Kim Soo-mi, married in 2011, have two children.

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