Geomi’s husband Cho Jung-seok, paradized a famous scene with Park Jin-ju… “Buried in the ground”

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Actress Park Jin-ju made a parody of famous celebrity milking in SNS with Cho Jung-seok.

On the 28th, Park Jin-joo posted several videos of F on the Instagram with the article “Comprehensive set of gifts. I have buried in the ground.”

In the released video, Cho Jung-seok and Park Jin-ju are parodying famous celebrities moving around on SNS, and they are playing a famous role. Actress Kim Ji-won’s ambassador in the drama ‘Sam My Way’, actor Ko Kyung-pyo, and Seo Ye-ji’s remark in the sitcom ‘Potato Star’ cover the face and bring out a laugh.

Actress Lee Ha-nee, who touched the video, commented, “Myeongyeongi,” and actor Byun Yo-han, “also legend,” admired the performance of the two who covered the parody.

The netizens also responded explosively to the video, saying, “Cho Jung-seok’s lips are shaking, the details are also the best”, “It’s funny but serious”, “It’s so funny”, “You two are cute”.

On the other hand, Cho Jung-seok and Jin-Joo Park have met in SBS ‘Incarnation of Jealousy’, which ended in 2016, and have been making friendships. Cho Jung-seok married singer Spider in 2018 and is planning to become a dad this summer.

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