‘Men are men’ Choi Myeong-gil, the irreplaceable presence

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Actress Choi Myung-gil of ‘Men are men’ boasted an irreplaceable presence.

In the KBS2 drama ‘Men are men’ (directed by Choi Yun-seok, Lee Ho-young, and Lee Eun-young, produced by I-Will Media), Choi Myung-gil was disassembled into a ‘Kim Sun-hee’ who was scary to the goal to be put in hand, unlike her elegant-looking appearance. It is showing the inspiring acting power in the narrative.

In the eighth episode of ‘Men are men’, aired on the 28th, Kim Sun-hee (Chi Myung-gil Choi) said to Seo Hyun-ju (Hwang Jeong-eum), saying “Hwang Ji-woo, not a good person” and stimulated the curiosity. We reviewed the performance of actor Choi Myung-gil, who lit a fire in an exciting past and present story, revealing a unique presence.

# The secret of the previous life

Previously, Kim Sun-hee politely thought that Kang Jin-ho and Hwang Ji-woo, who attended college with him, resembled him. Even Song Min-ju, who had taken Kang Jin-ho in the past, was shocked when he looked like Seo Hyun-ju. Following the investigation into the relationship between Seo Hyun-ju and Song Min-ju, Hwang Ji-woo learned that he had also questioned Song Min-ju, creating a curious question. Here, Kim Sun-hee even looked at the details of Seo Hyun-ju’s past memories.

Choi Myung-gil succeeded in capturing this mysterious aspect of Kim Sun-hee, and it was enough to overwhelm the play with tension in the home theater as another fun point in the straight romance of ‘Men are men’.

# If you have a goal, don’t forget the eerie obsession!

In addition, Kim Sun-hee was frightened by those who showed her crooked desire to fulfill her love with Kang Jin-ho in the past to her daughter Han Seo-yun. When Hwang Ji-woo refused to talk to Han Seo-yun, she also exerted pressure on her mother, saying that if she became a father, there would be a business benefit. Indeed, it is expected that the future will be full of tension as to what kind of work Kim Sun-hee can decorate to get married.

# Unrivaled acting power that overpowers the atmosphere in the epic narrative

Choi Myung-gil is performing a big success by amplifying and digesting and immersing the character with the overwhelming acting power that holds the key to the story development. In particular, while everyone is wandering in the entangled relationship in the play, it is also one of the points to watch whether the story proceeds at will because only Kim Sun-hee, who is the most discerning, is actively developing her narrative.

Choi Myeong-gil, who boasts high synchro rate with ‘Kim Sun-hee’ who is full of attention, shows an irreplaceable presence in ‘Men are men’ and adds curiosity to the direction of the three-generation narrative.

The elegant charisma of Choi Myeong-gil, which revitalizes the three-generation narrative, can be found in ‘Men are men’, which is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.


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