‘Song for Little Things’ Benji, 88,000 YouTubers

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Genius singer-songwriter Benji showed off a special violin concert with Kids Creator Sua and Suji.

At 6 pm on the 30th, MBC M’s YouTube channel ‘Tikitaka’s content’Song for Little Things’ will have a special encounter with Benji, a kids creator Sua and Suji, who has 810,000 subscribers.

‘Song for Little Things’ is a program that visits the children’s home and spends time together, composes songs for children on the fly, and presents only one personalized theme song. Subscribers’ ears will be captivated by addictive melodies and lyrics that are unforgettable once heard.

MC Solbi and Benji met Song for Little Things, who is having a hard day with Covid-19. From the first appearance, Benji, who appeared while playing ‘Baby Shark’ by playing the violin, attracted attention.

Benji stepped up for a tuat-to-ji that couldn’t be learned with Corona 19 even after purchasing a violin. On the spot, Benji showed a special violin ensemble with Sua and Suji and made Solbi embarrassed.

The joint performance between Benji and Sua and Suji, who surprised Solbi, can be seen in the song for’Small Things’ uploaded on the YouTube channel’Tikitaka’ at 6 pm on the 30th.


Photo courtesy| YouTube channel’Tikitaka’

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