Soyoo “Come back for only 1 year and 9 months with ‘go’, and the driving force behind the activity is a fan” [Q&A]

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In honor of the comeback, Soyoo answered on questions about her.

Soyoo announced the new digital single ‘GOTTA GO’ on the 28th in about 1 year and 9 months. She began to recapture ‘Summer Queen’ by releasing intense melody and fascinating performance through the new song.

The single ‘GOTTA GO’ is produced by 55 (Arthur J, Francis), a producer based in LA Hollywood, USA, and the song is a fresh and charming dance song with an addictive hook and confident and confident lyrics. Boasting a unique color of possession, it has earned a strong response from music fans.

In this way, the owner of the new single ‘GOTTA GO’, who has been dying cool this summer and has come back gorgeously, told stories about the new single, including release testimony.

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Q. How do you feel about releasing the single ‘GOTTA GO’ in 1 year and 9 months?

A. It is very exciting to think about meeting fans with dance songs after a long time. It’s a bit sad and unfortunate that I can’t meet fans up close because of the Corona 19 these days, but on the other hand, I think it’s empowering to think of a new song.

Q. It is a new song after a long time and I came back as a single. If there is a special reason.

A. I usually have a lot of thoughts about the album when I make it. So it takes a long time to complete one album. But this song was so good as soon as I heard it, and I thought it would take too long to try to make it into an album. This summer’s impatience that I can’t hear and the desire to hear it quickly combined, so I came out as a single.

Q. Please introduce the single ‘GOTTA GO’.

A.’GOTTA GO’ is a song produced by 55 (Arthur J, Francis) based in Los Angeles, USA. The rhythm of the reggaeton dance hall and the urban vocal melody melt the summer cool and sexy. It can be said that it is a song that can feel the charm of a new possession by adding a tone that only possesses to the lyrics with confidence.

Q. What is the killing point or appreciation point for new songs?

A. The hook part is really addictive. So once you hear it, you will keep humming in your head and mouth. In particular, I think the ‘Gara Garaga’ part will be able to feel its charm as a killing point.

Q. As it’s a dance song, I’m also looking forward to the performance of So-Yoo’s own. What are the areas of focus, including choreography of points?

A. Actually, I was really worried about the performance of this song. Because the song is very addictive, I hooked it so that it can be memorized at a glance rather than showing it difficult. Particularly, it is good to look at the attractiveness of the parts because it features a choreography that uses a lot of hips.

Q. Following the first solo song ‘Crowning Night’, ‘Black Night’ and new song ‘GOTTA GO’ are gradually growing as solo artists. What is the goal you want to achieve through this activity?

A. In the case of ‘Crowning Night’ or ‘Black Night’, my voice blends well, so I can hear a lot of vocals, so I think there were some parts that were lacking in performance. So, this ‘GOTTA GO’ is largely focused on performance, so it would be great if many people liked it.

Q. If you have a genre or concept that you want to challenge in the future, the emotional vocalist’s performance is showing various musical changes as the performance returns to an attractive song.

A. There are still too many fields I want to challenge musically. I want to develop little by little so that I can produce all parts by myself, regardless of genre.

Q. I am active in a wide variety of fields including collaboration and OST, entertainment programs, YouTube, and acting. What is the driving force behind that?

A. They are fans. As there weren’t many opportunities to meet as often as before, my desire to communicate with TV programs and other platforms grew. I think fans can cheer up a lot, so I can work harder.

Q. This year marks the 10th anniversary of its debut. I think I’m left with emotion.

A. Actually, I felt very strange when I contacted the members on the 10th anniversary. I thought that people’s emotions seemed to be very simple, and I felt that my emotions were still active. In particular, it seems that I was more nervous because of the number 10… It was my heart just beating for a long time.

Q. A word to fans who have been waiting for a new album for a long time

A. It has been a long time since I came to the new song ‘GOTTA GO’. It’s a hot summer, but I hope you’ve had an exciting and cool summer while listening to ‘GOTTA GO’ 🙂

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