‘The Trot National Battle’ Kim Yeon-ja, Seol Un-do, Jo Hang-jo, Park Sang-cheol, Director

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

The Trot National Battle, which marks the peak of the trot era, has completed the lineup of all-time supervisors.

On the 29th, KBS ‘The Trot National Battle’ side said, “Kim Yeon-ja, Seol Un-do, Jo Hang-jo, and Park Sang-cheol will join the director who will lead the ‘The Trot National Battle’. We hope that each region will lead the discovery of the best new trot, so look forward to it.”

In ‘The Trot National Battle,’ which will pioneer a new paradigm in the audition program, Ko Doo-Shim will represent Jeju Island, Namjin is Jeollado, Kim Su-hee is Gyeonggi-do, Joo Hyun-mi is Seoul, and Kim Yeon-jae is global, Seol Un-do is Gyeongsang-do, Jo Hang-jo is Chungcheong-do, and Park Sang-cheol is Kangwon-do. The Trot National Battle plans to finalize the appearance with the know-how that has been cultivated in the meantime, as well as completing the participants in each region with the best new trot.

As soon as the news of the production was announced, ‘ The Trot National Battle’, which received explosive attention, will be packed with coaches, including an 8-degree director.

In addition to discovering the pearls hidden in the 8th degree, Pocetdol Studios, which is famous for the music program KBS and Trot Resurrection, together with the pride of a brilliant lineup of directors that could not be seen in one program, hold hands and once again lead the trot fever. Is getting ready to be

The ‘The Trot National Battle’, where support is pouring in a variety of activities such as celebrities, broadcasters, and sports stars, will reveal the lineup of the rest of the coaches to be with the directors later. It is scheduled to broadcast in November.


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