‘Billy Elliott’ Shim Hyun-seo “Now an ordinary student, I tried to forget Billy” (‘Eye contact’)

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jung Intern Reporter]

Musical actress Choi Jeong-won, who appeared in ‘Eye contact’, made eye contact with junior Shim Hyun-seo.

On Channel A’s ‘Eye contact’ broadcast on the 29th, Choi Jeong-won’s appearance of eye contact with Shim Hyun-seo, who played the role of Billy in a musical ‘Billy Elliott’.

Billy Elliott is the story of Billy, an 11-year-old boy who dreams of ballerina living in a coal mine in the UK. The Korean version of ‘Billy Elliott’ appeared on the stage three years ago, starring Sim Hyun-seo and Choi Jung-won.

On this day, Choi Jeong-won and Shim Hyun-seo, on the spot, sang the performance lines and re-enacted the emotion of Billy Elliott.

Choi Jeong-won said, “I can think of it then.”

After taking a deep sigh, Shim Hyun-seo said, “I tried to forget Billy. When I came back to the ordinary student after the show, it was so hard that the aftereffects were so severe. I ate tears even after eating.”

Lee Sang-min, who saw this figure, comforted, saying, “Hyun-seo seems to have had a lot of worries about his career since he was on the big stage at a young age and then returned to his daily life.”


Photo| Channel A broadcast screen capture

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