Cho Yeong-nam, innocence, “The controversy of the masterpiece, the moment when I strengthened my bond with my daughter”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and painter Cho Young-nam reported the current situation after being sentenced to innocent after his trial for asking other man to paint his picture instead, and selling it.

Cho Young-nam recently interviewed the women’s monthly magazine, “Women Sense,” and said, “I’ve worked hard on paintings and wrote two books in the meantime.”

“I felt frustrated and dark at first. “It was hard, but there were people who didn’t leave my side, so it helped me.”

The biggest harvest after the’controversy’ was controversial by revealing that “they have strengthened their bonds with their daughter (Cho Eun-ji)”.

“If this weren’t the case, my relationship with my daughter might have remained as just an ordinary father and daughter. My daughter has done a lot for me. I deeply trust her,” he said.

“I have never felt skeptical about painting while spending five years. “I will live painting forever, and I will continue to paint paintings on canvas.” Painting is a family and blood for me. All love and compassion are in it.”

In 2016, Cho Young-nam was prosecuted by the prosecution because of the suspicion that the unknown painter Song, who was known to him in 2016, painted Cho Young-nam’s painting instead. The lawsuit continued for five years, but the case ended on June 25, when the Supreme Court sentenced Cho Young-nam to be innocent.
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