‘Curltwo Show’ Jessi X Soyoo,’Charismatic Women’ hot talk + Live (ft. Lee Hyo-ri) (General)

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Singer Jessi and Soyoo were in charge of the ‘Curltwo Show’ for an hour with perfect live skills.

On the afternoon of the 30th, SBS Power FM ‘2’o Clock Escape Curltwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘ Curltwo Show’) was accompanied by special DJ Shin Bong-seon and singer Jessi, Soyoo who returned to the new song.

On this day, DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked Jessi about his current status by introducing Jessie and his possessions to the listeners. When Kim Tae-gyun told Soyoo, “I’ve seen it for a long time today, and the image has been completely changed. I thought it was Jessi at the moment.” Jessi also said about the recent situation, “I was busy preparing for a new song. Today, at 6 o’clock, my sister’s album is released. The title song is ‘NUNU NANA’.”

Jessi said, “Psy asked me to change the lyrics that were originally English to Korean. But this song was really difficult to complete the lyrics.” He continued, “It’s a song made by a group of six people. The lyrics are so important. It took a long time to complete to understand why the hook is “an elder sister.”” Jessi added, “I didn’t complete the lyrics until I filmed it, so I took the guide and filmed it.”

The description of the new song owned also continued. Soyoo was the first challenge for the new song “Gotta Go.” Like Jessi, I took a long time to complete the song because of the lyrics. “I explained. Soyoo said, “But the English lyrics were heard as ‘Gotta Go’ in my ears, so I broke the hook.’ She explained, “I have a point in the dance. The pushing action is the point. You can push it in the order of the shoulder pelvis.”

On the live show, Soyoo and Jessi perfectly digested the new song and received an explosive response from the listeners. Shin Bong-seon praised Soyoo for saying, “It’s like a voice walking in a dream.” To Jessi, she said, “My heart is pierced.”

After the live, the question about ‘Refund Expedition’, which Lee Hyo-ri mentioned in MBC entertainment program ‘How do you play?’ One listener asked, “What are you talking about tomorrow’s’ Refund Expedition’ meeting, but what does your older sister Jessi wear?” “Please explain the group first,” said Kim Tae-gyun. In response to this, Jessi said, “The ‘Refund Expedition’ is Hyo-ri Lee, me, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Hwa-sa. Then, Shin Bong-sun asked, “Is it right that Lee Hyo-ri was formed by mentioning that she wanted to be with four people?”

Jessi replied, “I had a close relationship with each other. Lee Hyo-ri’s sister was in Jeju Island. When Kim Tae-gyun asked, “What clothes are you going to wear,” Jessi said, “I’m not going to wear it.” Jessie said, “You will wear your first seat comfortably.”

Regarding the ‘Refund Expedition’, Jessi explained, “I don’t exchange goods after buying something, because it’s annoying. Even if it’s actually an unfavorable situation, just let it go. If you find something wrong and call, you will keep looking for me.” Soyoo also replied, “I don’t do a good refund. I do it if there is a big problem with clothes.”

Subsequently, Soyoo was asked by a listener, “Who wants to do a duet?” “I haven’t ever made a duet song with female singer, so I’d like to do it with other female fellow singer. I really want to do it with Jessi if I really do. I would be so grateful,” said So Ji. Jessi replied, “Then we should.”

Lastly, Jessi mentioned Lee Hyo-ri appearing as a cameo in the new song music video. Jessi said, “I sent DM to Hyo-ri Lee three days before filming the music video.”  Then she said, “My sister said I wanted to learn choreography. I was so impressed that I almost cried,” and thanked Hyo-ri Lee for accepting her difficult request.

Meanwhile, Jessi is planning to comeback with her third mini-album ‘NUNU NANA’ at 6 PM on the 30th. Soo-Yun released a new single album ‘GOTTA GO’ on the 28th and released a comeback special stage at ‘M Countdown’ on the 30th.


Photo| SBS Visible Radio Capture

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