‘Funstaurant’ Lee Young-ja, a bite-eating show with nothing before…Kang Daniel’Surprise’

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Lee Young-ja of Funstaurant introduces a bite of magic.

On the KBS 2TV ‘Funstaurant’, released on the 31st’, the 13th menu confrontation theme’Snack’ will be released. With the Covid-19, the drinking culture is also changing, and now, it is expected that the snacks that will easily eat at home, which will catch the mixed spirits, will be born.

On this day, Lee Young-ja of the’National Eating Mother’ went out to various snacks before developing the menu. The place where Lee Young-ja visited was a restaurant run by the son of the owner of the regular chicken feet restaurant, who gave the secret recipe for spicy chicken feet. Here, Lee Young-ja tasted representative snacks that matched various types of beer, such as beer, soju, and somaek (soju + beer).

Lee Young-ja picked chicken chopsticks as a snack that best suits beer, pickled greens as a snack that best suits soju, and Pachae suyuk as a snack that best suits soju, and chicken poop as a snack that best suits wheat. It is said that Lee Young-ja did not drink alcohol, but she ate the stomach snacks in order and blew the heat in the summer.

In particular, during the snack run-up, Lee Young-ja is known to have launched a monopoly on’bite magic’, which raises expectations. Lee Young-ja surprised everyone by showing the bite-meat that she put in the mouth without rubbing when she put some noodles in a large piece of noodles.

On the other hand, it was said that parsley, pork broth, shrimp sauce, red pepper, and ssamjang were put on a spoonful, and the layers were piled up. Special MC Kang Daniel said, “I have never eaten like that. I think it’s great,” he said.

Lee Yeong-ja, who showed a different way to eat, as Klaus looks like a national eater. Her no-nonsense bite-eating magic show will be unveiled on KBS 2TV’s “Funstaurant” when it airs at 9:40 pm on the 31st.


Photo courtesy| KBS 2TV’New Version’

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