‘Junghee’ Park Seong-kwang, Kim Ha-young, Park Jae-hyeon, Son Yoonsang, Candidate surprise talk’Surprise’

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‘ Afternoon’s Hope Songs’ Park Seong-kwang, Kim Ha-young, Park Jae-hyeon and Son Yoonsang captured the listeners’ ears with honest conversation and fantastic teamwork.

On the afternoon of the 30th, MBC FM4U, ‘I’m Shin-young of Afternoon’s hope,’ starred Park Seong-kwang, Kim Ha-young, Park Jae-hyeon, Son Yoonsang in the web entertainment ‘Don Flix 2’.

MBC web entertainment ‘Don Flix 2’is an entertainment program for making the movie ‘Thong’ with actor Kim Ha-young, Park Jae-hyeon, and Son Yoon-sang as the main character of ‘Mystery TV Surprise’ (hereinafter ‘Surprise’) by Jung Hyung-don, a comedian.

The three ‘surprise’ actors were happy to mention the main roles: Son Yoon-sang as a “monk professional, villain professional actor”, Kim Ha-young as “a professional actor, a married couple”, and Park Jae-hyeon as a “king professional actor” Introducing yourself.

Kim Shin-young praised Kim Ha-young’s beauty and said, “You’re so pretty invariably.” Park Seong-kwang said, “Kim Ha-young doesn’t look so good now. She was hacked on social media a while ago.” Kim Ha-young complained of the damage, saying, “SNS, which has been in operation for 7 years, has been hacked, and now there are only over 1,000 followers. It was originally 70,000.” Next, he asked a cute request, “Please follow the SNS account that comes from searching for ‘Kim Ha-young’ on your portal site.”

On the other hand, Son Yoon-sang revealed that he was the 13th KBS public bond comedian and was surprised. Park Seong-kwang said, “I was surprised to see Son Yun-sang at the Grand Theater. I really saw him.” Kim Shin-young also said, “Let’s really do it.

In response, Son Yoon-sang replied, “Even if I did ‘Surprise’ for 12 years, let’s be the president.” Next, when I was asked if I wasn’t there, I honestly replied, “I think I should endure because I’m the youngest.”

Son Yoon-sang, referring to the role played by ‘Surprise’, drew a lot of attention by introducing “I did a lot of villains. Rebellious kings, tyrants, bad detectives, etc. Nowadays, there are also fun and embarrassing kings.” It was followed by a complete re-enactment of the bad king’s lines, which led to cheers.

The introduction of the movie ‘Thong’ made by four people was also continued. Park Jae-hyeon introduced, “It is a movie that means ‘string’ is tied. It is a story about people’s affection.” Park Seong-kwang added, “It is a story of a mother and daughter who take care of a sick father.”

One listener asked, “Do you need to prepare each tissue?” and Ha-Young Kim and Jae-Hyun Park replied with a bite, “I really need it.” Kim Ha-young raised her expectations by saying, “I just saw the trailer, and tears came out. My emotions really come up.”

On the other hand, one listener asked Park Jae-hyeon, “he said he had a relationship with Kim Ha-young in the past, but he wasn’t a wife,” and Park Jae-hyeon honestly replied, “My wife knew it, and I knew it since I was dating.”

Kim Ha-young also responded coolly, saying, “They are in contact with each other and are really like friends. It’s okay because it’s really old.” Others added, “I was good at breaking up,” and made the studio a sea of laughter.

The four people showed off their boring conversations for an hour and showed their teamwork in ‘Don Flix 2’.

Meanwhile, ‘Don Flix 2’is broadcast on YouTube channel ‘M Dromeda’ at 12:00 p.m. every Sunday.


Photo| MBC visible radio capture

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