‘Kim Jeong-geun’s wife’ Lee Ji-ae, Morning Bagel

[Daily Economy Star Today Noulhee Intern Reporter]

Announcer Lee Ji-ae delivered a relaxed morning greeting.

Lee Ji-ae posted a photo on her Instagram on the 30th with the words, “I’ll take you to Seo-ah’s Daycare Center and have my favorite coffee. I feel like cheese bagels.

In the released photo, Lee Ji-ae looks at the camera with a cute expression. Before going to exercise, I have a relaxed morning routine with bagels and coffee. In particular, her flawless skin, which sparkles even in the unfamiliar, attracts attention.

The netizens who came across the photo responded, “Your face is so cute”, “The morning bagel is good”, and “the goddess”.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-ae married announcer Kim Jeong-geun in 2010 and has one man and one daughter.


Photo| Lee Jiae SNS

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