Kim Yo-han, behind the scenes of ‘The Evil War’… Sexy poten in action acting

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Singer Kim Yo-han showed his various charms.

On the 29th, the agency, Wi Entertainment, released a video behind Kim Yo-han, who participated in the music video shooting of  ‘2020 Life Is Fun’ at KBS2 ‘The Evil War’ through official SNS.

Regarding the point of ‘2020 life is fun,’ Kim Yo-han, who successfully performed choreography, said, “I think it’s a big transformation of Song Ga-in.” “I said.

In the meantime, Kim Yo-han played a professional role in front of the camera, but even during his break, he played a role of vitamins by making a bright smile or making a cute expression and making the atmosphere of the scene warm.

In particular, when Kim Yo-han radiated energy with intense eyes and gestures toward the camera, Jessi exclaimed “Kim Yo-han is nice” and praised.

Kim Yo-han, wearing a Taekwondo uniform and a hanbok scroll, showed off a perfect fit for the model and radiated a gorgeous visual. As a former Taekwondo national team standing guard, he said, “I feel a little wanting to play a match.” Hanbok is Korean traditional clothes and Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It was nice to wear a dog and choreograph it together.

Lastly, Kim Yo-han, who entered the action scene shooting, put on an all-black costume and combined the action sum, and practiced like a real action.

“When I saw an action scene on TV, I thought it would be right if I hit it, I thought it would be right if I hit it, but it wasn’t usually difficult,” he said the impression of shooting.

Kim Yo-han formed a boy group WEi with Jang Dae-hyun, Kim Dong-han and Kang Seok-hwa, and is in full swing in preparation for his debut.

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