‘Love Revolution’ Park Ji-hoon, gourd head + uniform fit… Lovely radiating charm

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Park Ji-hoon showed off his good-looking appearance while catching the eye, even in the head of a gourd, in a regular school uniform. Kakao M first unveiled the still-cut of the filming scene of Park Ji-hoon, who played the role of ‘Gong Ju-young’ in the original digital drama ‘Love Revolution’.

‘Love Revolution’ (Manufacturing Merry Christmas) is a new concept gag romance that focuses on couples with a lot of love and appreciation and straight loved ones, ‘Gong Ju-young’ (Park Ji-hoon) couple who fell in love with the goddess ‘Wang Ja-rim’ (Lee Ru-bi) All. From the cast news of actors with warm appearances that resemble the original webtoon, they are already raising their expectations with appearances of actors.

At the first shooting scene that was unveiled on this day, Park Ji-hoon perfectly digested the hairstyle of Gong Ju-young’s trademark, and showed the perfect synchro rate as if the original webtoon character popped out into reality. The cute dongle, hair style, school uniform, and backpack are transformed into a 17-year-old high school student who never loses his mind, creating a warm smile with pure charm. In addition to this, Equipped with a lantern lantern, moist puppy eyes, and a playful and colorful expression, he raised expectations by predicting the birth of Park Ji-hoon,’Gong Ju-young’.

Park Ji-hoon’s unusual school uniform fashion also caught fans’ eyes. Matching colorful cardigans to neat school uniforms with neckties, creating a stylish look with black jumpers, and matching hooded T-shirts to admire casual cute styles with warm school uniform visuals. In particular, various styling that seemed to express the character of the character ‘Gong Ju-young’, such as dance and singing, without being bound by the frame, attracted attention.

“Love Revolution” production team said, “Park Ji-hoon has been fully melted in the character of “Gong Ju-young”, a supporter of pure man devoted to his girlfriend and strong friends from the first day of shooting, expressing the daily life of our teenagers who are excited about the future. He said, “Please look forward to the transformation of Park Ji-hoon, who will further expand the acting spectrum through the ‘Love Revolution’.”

Kakao M’s original digital drama’Love Revolution’ is based on a webtoon of the same name with 232 authors, and has been loved by teenagers and twenties with a rating of 9.9 points, ranking first on Thursday’s webtoon floating after Naver Webtoon in 2013. Kakao M is planning to capture their own left and right stones such as dating, friendship, and dreams of teenagers realistically in line with the sensitivity of the times. It is produced in total of 30 episodes in about 20 minutes each, and will be released this year through a new video platform based on KakaoTalk, which Kakao M will present with Kakao.


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