‘Radio Star’ Hwang Kwang-hee → Ayumi, how did you endure entertainment? I burst into conversation

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Hwang Kwang-hee and Ayumi, prepared for ‘Radio Star’, appeared and gave a big smile. Kwang-hee played a role in ‘the entertainment cheat-key’ by exposing the ‘sprout’ and the self-talking vending machine. Ayumi showed a variety of rumor ‘no filters’ as well as the 2020 version of ‘Cutie Honey’ that summons the days of Leeds, and showed that she was ready to walk the entertainment path again.

‘Radio Star’, who gave a colorful laugh with the steaming charm of four-person and four-color guests, from Jessi who showed her charisma to Nam Yoon-soo, who boasted pure beauty like a star of entertainment, recorded 2049 viewership ratings among the entertainment programs on Wednesday. Snipered.

The high-end talk show MBC ‘Radio Star’ (planned by Ahn Soo-young/ director Choi Haeng-ho), which was broadcast on the 29th, was featured with the feature of ‘No Filter No Break’ starring broadcasters Kwang-hee, Ayumi, and singer Jesse and Nam Yoon-soo.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey company on the 30th,’Radio Star’, which was broadcast the previous day, recorded the highest number among entertainments on Wednesday at 2049 ratings, which is a key indicator of advertisement officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness.

The special feature of ‘No Filter No Break’ attracted attention only with news of the appearances of Kwang-hee, Ayumi, Jessi, and Nam Yoon-soo, who is one of the ‘human classes’, who showed off their unstoppable conversation and entertainment. As expected, the four of them gave a cool laugh and something to see like a cider with a direct conversation.

‘How do you play?’ Kwang-hee, who plays an active part in the project group, has revealed the atmosphere of the shooting scene with Yoo Jae-seok, Lee Hyo-ri, and Rain. “I think all three people will enjoy the entertainment for a long time, but it will burst. The passion for entertainment is great.”

In addition, he boasted that the publicity of advertisements was pouring out due to his activities, and she made a surprise by competing for a special MC and ‘Jae-seok Lover’ Ji Seok-jin and ‘Steamed Soulman’. In addition to this, he showed his performance of ‘Entertainment Cheat Key’ from the late ‘1 day aftereffect’ on the road, to the self-talking vending machine talk and the readiness to decorate the stage equipped with autotune.

Ayumi, a broadcaster from Sugar, boasted a pretty charming conversation and a cheeky conversation during Leeds’ big success in entertainment. She formed a consensus on semi-nude shooting with Ahn Young-mi, and immediately released a pose to take a sexy pictorial with a bewitching expression on the spot. He robbed his gaze and said, “There wasn’t much reaction.”

Also, on the live broadcast stage, whispering a whistle-blowing dance, from the summoning of the black history when Mulbra was missing, to the reason for the 2mm shaving in Japan, the controversy over Korea, and the sugar discord, he raped with ‘no filter talk’. The artist’s mind was shot and tasted with the appearance that he was ready to walk on the entertainment path again, revealing generously as well as prepared personal skills.

Jessi, who returned to the new song ‘NUNU NANA’, boasted Lee Hyo-ri’s express loyalty. Jesse said that he had asked Lee Hyo-ri to appear in a music video after he was troubled. “It was an urgent request, but she contacted me to do it right away.” Subsequently, Jesse heated up the studio with excitement by performing a powerful choreography of ‘Sister’s Eyes’.

Honest comments on plastic surgery continued. Jessi said, “Look at me, Kwang-hee! I didn’t do it a lot,” she said, and revealed his plastic surgery truthfully, put a filler on his face, and received attention that wasn’t pretty.

Actor Nam Yoon-soo, who produced a fan by fully digesting Iljin acting in the drama ‘Human Class’, exudes charm with a clear personality and honest conversation. Nam Yoon-soo was popular with female students even during her high school days. Nam Yoon-soo said, “When I was in high school, my popularity was weakened. Finally, Cha Eun-woo came to transfer,” she said, giving a laugh.

Nam Yoon-soo, who had a great talk, challenged the personality of Rain’s’Kang’ dance and gave a laugh to the MC’s’Meng Bung’.

The broadcast of the day gave a great laugh with the filterless steamed talk and the reversed personal heat battle that the four-person, four-color guests didn’t know where to go, and the special MC Ji Seok-jin also pulled up the tension with the steamed Tiki Takaka talk with the MCs to have more rich fun.

After the broadcast, the viewers said, “Today, it’s fun from the MC composition to the guest combination, and it’s fun at all levels. “Kwang-hee was so funny and Jesse was fun” “Nam Yoon-soo looks cute and unaffected”

“Special MC Ji Seok-jin, Kim Goo-ra and Kim Kook-jin go well together!” responded.

Next week, ‘Radio Star’ raises expectations as a special feature of the ‘New Start Dream Team’ starring Lee Hye-young, Kim Ho-jung, Stephanie, and Soyeon of Tiara.


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