‘Run for the election’ Nana & Park Seong-hoon, kissing first and kissing sweetly

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

‘Run for the election’ Nana and Park Seong-hoon’s romance explodes.

The KBS2 drama ‘Run for the election, rather than finding a job’ was released and presented with a pink excitement that excites the viewers (played by Moon Hyun-kyung, director Hwang Seung-ki, Choi Yeon-soo, production Celltrion Entertainment, Frame Media, hereinafter, ‘Run for the election’). At the 9th ending of the ‘Run for the election’ broadcast on July 29, the first kiss of Goo Sera (Nana) and Seo Gong-myung (Park Seong-hoon) was finally released.

Viewers’ attention is focused on the direction of the romance of Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myung, who realized their hearts toward each other and decided to go straight, and how they would catch both rabbits and work.

On the 30th, the production team of ‘Run for the election’ contains the image of Goo Sera’s charging station. This was originally a secret place for Goo Sera. It is a place where Goo Sera didn’t even tell close friends Kwon Woo-young (Kim Mi-soo) and Jang Han-bi (Shin Do-hyun). But now it has become a secret place for both Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myung. This is because Seo Gong-myung wandered for hours after looking at the photos sent by Goo Sera.

Is it because they are in a secret place only for no one? Or is it because they are a sweet couple who just started loving? In the photo, Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myung sit side by side on a bench, looking at each other with a happy smile. Then he gradually approached each other and kissed the side and was sweet. The pictures of the two people in harmony with the twinkling lights in the dark are pretty and lovely as in the picture.

The production team of the’release table’ said, “In the 10th episode of the ‘Run for the election’ broadcasted today (30th), the romance of Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myung will explode in earnest. Two people who have confidence in each other’s hearts will be proud of the chemistry of fantasy with work and love. Nana and Park Seong-hoon, as always, depicted with perfect breathing and expressiveness. If you look at the romance of the two people in the ‘Run for the election’, the viewers will also want to fall in love. We ask for your interest and expectations.”

From the dizzy first kiss ending to the sweet kiss. The cute romance between Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myung, who foreshadowed the sweet limit, can be found in episode 10 of ‘Run for the election’ broadcast on the 30th.

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