‘Train’ Yoon Bok-in X Kim Dong-young X Nam Moon-cheol X Lee Hang-na, great presence to add tension

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OCN original ‘Train’ Yoon Bok-in, Kim Dong-young, Nam Moon-cheol, and Lee Hang-na are crossing the A and B worlds, radiating a crazy presence and increasing immersion.

OCN Saturday’s original’Train’ (play by Park Ga-yeon, director Ryu Seung-jin and Lee Seung-hoon) is a detective’s ‘parallel world mystery’ drama that intervenes in serial murders to protect precious people in two worlds divided by the choice of the moment.

Above all, since Seo Do-won (Yoon Si-yoon) in the play went on to the B world on a mysterious train, the appearance is the same as that of the A world, but other features of B world are appearing one after another, adding tension. In the last broadcast, there was a serial murderer in front of Seo Do-won, while the characters around him appeared at an unexpected point, raising questions. In this regard, I traced the traces of four B-world characters who are maximizing the ‘Parallel World Mystery’.

◆’Mystery and great Presence’ #1 Cho Young-ran (Yoon Bok-in)

Cho Young-ran, the stepmother of Han Seo-kyung (Kyung Soo-jin), died 12 years ago in the murder of a Mookyung station house, and when Han Seo-kyung’s father died, she intercepted the insurance money and inflicted terrible abuse on Han Seo-kyung. In World A, when his son Lee Seong-wook (Cha Yeop) was convicted of a serial murder, Lee Seong-wook confessed that he was the first to see a corpse that was found in the borderless area. He stole the precious metal from the body, so he hid the fact that he had witnessed the body. However, in the B world, Cho Young-ran was shocked because he was found as another victim of a serial murder case in the representative building of’Dry-type Development’, where Kim Jin-woo (Kim Dong-young) was killed.

◆’Mystery and great Presence’ #2 Jinwoo Kim (Kim Dong-young)

Kim Jin-woo, the youngest detective in the A World, led by Seo Do-won as the team leader, admires and follows Seo Do-won, joining the team to be with Seo Do-won. The moment he tried to commit an offense against his classmates who had bothered his grandmother as a child, Seo Do-won appeared and prevented it and became a detective without leaving a big mistake in his life.

On the other hand, in the B world, not as a detective, but as a suspect in the disappearance of Jeong Kyung-hee, not as a detective, he was shocked by expressing a strong cry such as choking and spitting on Seo Do-won. In the B world, Seo Do-won did not prevent Kim Jin-woo from committing a crime against his classmate when he was a child, and eventually pushed to the end of the alleged theft four years ago, which Kim Jin-woo denied. In the last broadcast, Kim Jin-woo went to the representative house of ‘Development of dry type’ for revenge and was arrested by Seo Do-won, who was chased. At the same time, Cho Young-ran, who had already been killed by someone, was discovered, raising tension to the maximum.

◆’Mystery and great Presence’ #3 Seo Jae-cheol (Nam Moon-cheol)

Seo Do-Won’s father, Seo Jae-Cheol, was named as the killer of ‘Mookyung station housing murder’ 12 years ago in both A and B worlds. In the A world, on the day of the incident, he suffered a hit accident and lost his life. However, in the backbone carcass found at Mookyung Station in 2020, the remains of Han Seo-kyung’s mother, who disappeared at the time of the murder 12 years ago, were revealed that Seo Jae-cheol was not the real culprit. In the B world, Seo Jae-cheol was arrested and imprisoned after passing the crisis of the hit-and-run accident on the day of the incident with the help of Seo Do-won, and as soon as he showed up in front of Seo Do-won, who passed into the B world, he disappeared and questioned.

◆’Mystery and great Presence’ #4 Oh Mi-sook (Lee Hang-na)

Detective Manager Oh Mi-sook is a detective in charge of the murder of a Mookyung station house 12 years ago, and is a person who cherishes the two, who have been in a relationship with Seo Do-won and Han Seo-kyung since childhood. On the other hand, in the B world, Seo Do-won, a world B, who was suspected of various irregularities, was brought to police office, but he was curious because he had no one-sided experience with the B world Han Seo-kyung. In the last broadcast, after meeting with Seo Do-won, who claimed that Oh Mi-sook was a serial murder case, he called Woo Jae-hyuk (Cho Wan-ki) and asked about Seo Do-won, saying, “Wrong choices call another choice, and if you wake up, you’re lying. I look back, but at that time there was no way to go back.”

“Train” production team said, “As the world B characters, which are different from the world A, appear, clues and outlines of the criminals are gradually revealed. “Please watch the characters around Seo Do-won and their stories carefully in the future.”

Meanwhile, OCN original ‘Train’ is broadcast every Saturday at 10:30 pm.


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