‘Was it love?’ Song Ji-hyo X Son Ho-jun, Super Close Kiss 1 second ago… The second love begins?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

The romance of Song Ji-hyo and Son Ho-jun, who knew only that their relationship ended 14 years ago, is still underway. Steel cuts were released one second before the two men and women’s ultra-close kisses were raised, raising the heart rate.

Oh Dae-oh (Son Ho-jun), who started to be excited again by the old lover Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo), who met again in the JTBC tree drama ‘Was it love?’. Although I sincerely confessed my second confession, the affectionately smiled loudly and said, “Don’t play with me.” However, today (30th), Noh Ae-jung and Oh Dae-oh’s lip-like steel cuts have been released, and attention is focused on whether their second dating will begin.

For drama fans who support Dae-oh’s straightness toward affection, the last broadcast was a series of sadness. “I don’t go with you.” Even when the affection, which was almost hit by a motorcycle, saved her daughter Hani (Eom Chae-young), the reaction of affection was no different.

Ignoring the injured body due to Hani and just passing it over. 14 years ago, when he confessed to his life saying, “If I eat this, I will be the 1st to you” despite allergies, in order to win the affectionate love of clams so much as to say, “Shell is 1st to me.” , It was a sharp contrast to the reaction of the affection that was anxious, but the coming heart was even more painful.

However, Dae-oh did not just step back. His heart was already affectionate, and the heart that started to run once showed no signs of stopping. So, he was even more determined to say “I can’t give up.”

Even in the notice video (URL) released immediately after the last broadcast, Dae-oh’s straight line did not stop. Even the best brother Ryu Jin (Song Jong-ho) even cried out with sympathy, “I’m you,” crying out and crying, even in a confused situation that revealed his hidden heart saying, “I liked it more than before when you confessed to it.” The open mind.

Was that straight through affection? In the public steel cut, Dae-oh, who is going straight toward the lips following the heart of affection, is captured and shoots the heart. The affectionately looking at such a grandiose quickly closes her eyes, raising anxiety about what will happen in 1 second. With the breathtaking airflow surrounding the two people, Dae-oh’s affectionate strategy that goes straight like 14 years ago can still be reached, and the ending of their two-shots toward each other’s lips will lead to today’s (30th) Expectations are exploding.

The 8th episode of ‘Was it love?’ will be aired on JTBC at 9:30 pm on Thursday (30th) today.

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