Yoon Si-yoon and Kyung Soo-jin’s drama ‘Train’ new OST ‘With You’ released on August 1

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OCN ‘Train’, which was shocked by repeated developments, unveils a new OST.

OCN Saturday’s original ‘Train’ (play by Park Ga-yeon, director Ryu Seung-jin and Lee Seung-hoon) announced that they will release ‘With You’ of singer Oo, the second OST on August 1st at 6 pm.

‘With You’ is a song that expresses the feeling that we want to protect our loved ones, but we are saddened by the fate that we cannot, but hopefully in other worlds.

In the recent ‘Train’, Seo Do-won (Yoon Si-yoon) and Han Seo-gyeong (Kyung Soo-jin) show a mysterious parallel world story through World A and World B, revealing a unique presence.

In particular, while the two are performing various and realistic emotional acts of anger, sadness, and sadness, the new OST ‘With You’ is expected to help viewers empathize.

In addition, ‘With You’ is a folk-style song filled with warm sound as the piano, acoustic guitar, and soft vocals of Oo seem to be monologue stacked with a cello.

Oo, who participated in the song, was the solo name of Shin On-yu, a former member of Korean band “Shin In-ryu”, who was popular with music expressing the emotions of youths of this era, including ‘writer Mijeong’, one of the hit OSTs of ‘Be Melodramatic’.

Oo is a name that resembles exclamation, without any meaning, and contains the desire to naturally resemble music as in the form of the letter ‘Oo’. As a start, he will participate in this ‘train’ OST and show new and diverse musical activities.

OCN ‘Train’ is a Detective’s ‘Parallel World Mystery’ drama that intervenes in serial murders to protect precious people in two worlds separated by a choice of moments on the night of the murder. It is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30.

Meanwhile, OCN Saturday’s original ‘Train’ OST Part2 Oo’s ‘With You’ will be released through various music sites on August 1st at 6pm.


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