‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ Kim Min-seok PD “Jung Woo-sung accepts all the troublesome requests” [Direct interview]

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Actor Jung Woo-sung appeared in ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’, which attracted attention. ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ once again recorded the highest viewership ever since its launch.

In the 65th episode of ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block (Director Kim Min-seok)’ broadcast at 9 o’clock on the 29th, a special feature of ‘The World of Occupation’ was released. The 65th nationwide household viewership rate averaged 3.5% and the highest instantaneous rating of 4.6%, and recorded the highest viewership rating since the first broadcast in 2018. The tvN target, male and female 2049 viewership, averaged 2.4%, up to 3.3%, and kept the number one spot in all channels at the same time, showing off the face of the entertainment leader responsible for healing and laughing on Wednesday night. (Based on Nielsen Korea/paid platform)

PD Kim Min-seok, who directed ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’, in an interview with Daily Economy Star Today on the 30th, thought that the word ‘New record’ has been going on for several weeks, but in fact, I think it is more likely to drop each week, so this number “I’m surprised to see it,” he said. “I think it would be best if I could keep the status quo.”

On this day’s broadcast, various job groups themselves appeared as Yoo quizers to talk about the world of their jobs. Movie actors, webtoon writers, hotel doormen, digital funeral directors, detectives, etc., who have been curious about them but have never heard of them, have unfolded their daily and life stories to draw attention.

In particular, Jung Woo-sung, who visited ‘Yoo Quiz’ as a movie star, frankly disclosed the responsibility and burden of his job. In addition, the time to read comments, balance quiz, and vocal imitation, made a pleasant time with great self, baby sleeping and breathing.

PD Kim Min-seok said, “I think the effects of Jung Woo-sung must have been there, and the effects of Hwang Sang-man’s tide effect and veterans of various professions, such as doorman and digital funeral director, have received much attention.” I couldn’t go, but Jung Woo-sung said that he accepted all the troublesome filming requests from the production team. He told me the sincerity that he felt as an actor and also the sorry he brought to his mother as an ordinary person. I was able to do it.”

Regarding the recruitment of various career groups, “These artists are making tremendous efforts to discover various characters regardless of books, newspapers, YouTube, etc. Meanwhile, while some career groups can proceed with a special feature, “There were also occupations with restrictions,” he said. “So, if you brought such gems into ‘The world of Occupation’ special feature over two weeks, I thought there might be various points of observation.”

The’Occupational World’ special will last two weeks. PD Kim Min-seok said, “The next week, Battleground Kim Chang-han, Money Today Nam Hyeong-do reporter, Peter & Cargirl, Special Cleaners, etc. will decorate the second world of the occupation. You can hear the history of making a successful game. I think I can hear the story behind the Peter & Cargirl couple who bought Tesla stock,” he said.

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 9pm.


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