Golf field officials”We don’t have any plan to respond to press conference by Park Soo-in”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

Actress Park Soo-in, 32, held a press conference on tears about the so-called ‘Gapjil against caddy of a golf field’ and the golf field official said, “There is no plan to respond.”

A golf course senior official said on an interview with OSEN on the 31st, “I saw the news yesterday and learned that Park Soo-in had a press conference. There is no plan to respond to the issue.”

The day before (30th), Park Soo-in held a press conference at the 63rd Convention Center in Yeouido, Seoul, to explain the suspicion of a golf course suddenly.

Park Soo-in said, “I made a name to correct the false facts and interviewed it through various media outlets. However, despite my explanation, I was imprinted on the public under the name’Suddenly controversial Park Soo-in.’ I prepared it.”

At the time, Caddy, who played the game, insisted that Park Soo-in took a picture every course and had a conversation with the party, saying that the process was somewhat delayed. After that, Park Soo-in called the golf field several times for no reason, and asked to refund the cost of the caddy.

Park Soo-in said, “All the photos I took were taken before the start of the round and at the end of the second half, one by one in front of the glow.” “I was waiting for more than 30 minutes because of the team ahead.”

“Whenever I hit the golf, I interfered with the incident, and when I putt, I gave him an excuse to say, ‘Look at the line and set the direction’, ‘Don’t move your feet,’ or ‘You don’t know how to score.’ I didn’t mix up with the caddy in an embarrassing situation in front of an acquaintance. In the process, I felt a personal disrespect.” she added.

Park Soo-in, who was born in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment at Dong-A University of Broadcasting Arts and debuted in 2002 through the movie ‘Mong Jeong-gi’, appeared as ‘I still love you’ and ‘Return’ and worked as an actress.]

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