Hong Hyeon-hee, accompanied by daily manager…Nose Sebum→Axial to ‘Special Care’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Comedian Hong Hyeon-hee is accompanied by a mysterious daily manager.

On the MBC entertainment program broadcast on August 1,’Be good at’ (planned by Park Jung-gyu, director Noh Si-yong, Chae Hyun-suk), the daily life of Hong Hyeon-hee and the daily manager is left open. With the announcement of last week’s notice, the curiosity of manager Hong Hyun-hee’s identity has been amplified, the daily manager’s unusual express care will bring viewers’ admiration.

On this day’s broadcast, a mysterious man who invited Hong Hyeon-hee’s daily manager appears to have returned his absence and went on to work with Hong Hyeon-hee’s daily manager. From the morning, the manager showed Hong Hyeon-hee’s daily schedule at a glance, while styling that made Hong Hyeon-hee’s irreplaceable personality stand out more, showed off his abilities.

In particular, the manager is expected to surprise Hong Hyeon-hee’s nose with his skillful workmanship. The manager said, “I hate to be seen as an unprepared person.” In addition, it reveals the delicateness of Hong Hyeon-hee’s armpit care with a portable electric fan in a photoshoot in the heat.

Then, the manager is impressed by Hong Hyeon-hee’s customized commodities such as exfoliants, floss, Dongchimi konjac noodles, jelly, and rice crackers. However, Hong Hyeon-hee laughs because she misses the old manager for her perfect Spartan care. Eventually, Hong Hyeon-hee spouted a scream to the manager, and the manager said that she responded casually, “My sister’s personality is tremendous.”

The identities of Hong Hyeon-hee’s unprecedented daily manager can be confirmed at MBC ‘Be Good at’ broadcast on August 1st at 11:10 pm.


Photo courtesy| MBC
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