‘I-LAND’, total number of votes exceeded 10 million …Who’s on the top among Korean applicants?

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

In the Mnet ‘I-LAND’ broadcasted today (31st), the final test of Part.1 will be unveiled, and six people who will advance to Part.2 without being released from Irish will be revealed first.

As a result of last week’s mission of I-LAND members and grounder, the final test of Part.1, the ‘last 12 players’ mission, was released while no emitter was released due to the victory of I-LAND members. In the journey of ‘I-LAND’ towards debut, the performance will be performed in line with the new song ‘I&credible’, which contains stories of applicants who are discovering my new possibilities.

Producer’s choice, 3 people among I-LAND members, while 3 will be force d to leave, and the 6 members those who left I-LAND will have to wait for a global vote with the grounder.

With the release of Choi Se-on as the first member who left the show, among the I-LAND members, global viewer voting began at midnight on the 24th. Viewers from 171 countries have participated in the current global voting, and the global attention has been focused on the 31st, with the total number of votes exceeding 10 million.

Earlier, the’Irish’ side was stimulating curiosity by releasing a spo related to global viewer voting on its official SNS. As it was a global viewer vote, votes were held in many countries including Asia, the Americas, Europe, South America, Oceania, and Africa, and applicants who ranked first at noon on the 31st in each region were also revealed.

Japan’s Nikki applicants, Vietnam’s Hanbin applicants, Mexico’s Kim Sun-woo applicants, China’s Park Seong-hoon applicants, and India’s Lee Hee-seung are ranked first, adding unpredictable tensions to regional preferences.

At the same time, applicants in the middle of Korea are expected to be released on the air on this day, raising expectations. Global viewer voting to decide who will advance to Part 2 in earnest is possible through the official website and the Weavers app until 12:00 noon on August 2nd.

Meanwhile, at 12:00 noon on August 1, the final test song ‘I&credible’ of ‘I-LAND’ will be released on various sound source sites. ‘I&credible’ is a hip-hop-based pop song with content that expresses the confidence of the candidates and an intense 808 bass, and is expected to catch the ears of global listeners.

‘I-LAND’, which proves a hot response by surpassing 11 million online live broadcasts, has a new concept project that elects the next generation of global idols through competition and harmony.


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