‘Junghee’ Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Ha-yi revealed #Goryangju #Kinki boots #biggergain (total)

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Singer Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Ha-yi fascinated listeners with honest, straightforward conversation and sweet live.

Singer and musical actor Lee Seok-hoon and singer Lee Ha-yi were together on MBC FM4U’s ‘I’m Kim Shin-young of Afternoon’s hope song’ (‘Jung Hee’) broadcast on the afternoon of the 31st.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young introduced Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Ha-yi, who found ‘Junghee’ after a long time, as MBC’s adopted sons and daughters. Kim Shin-young said, “They are both familiar to me. Ha-yi recently appeared in the “Techang Choir,” and Lee Seok-hoon, in December 2012, had a panic disorder and filled the vacancy one day.” In addition, Kim Shin-young said, “The song that I played the most on the radio other than my song is’I like you.'”

Kim Shin-young asked Lee Ha-yi about the current situation and asked, “Did you say that your hobby was mixed alcohol or solo at the time of your appearance last year? Have you changed it?” Lee Ha-yi said, “I don’t drink well these days. Replied. Then Kim Shin-young said, “If you can afford the next day, go to Yantai Goryangju.”

Lee Seok-hoon said, “I don’t drink well and I don’t eat well. But, high-quality wine is fine.” Kim Shin-young said, “Each person has the right alcohol.” So, Lee Seok-hoon said, “It is hard to drink three cups of soju, but high-liquor is fine.” Kim Shin-young added, “Goryangju is coming hard, so the odor comes late. The moment I come late, I do art and cultural activities.”

Lee Seok-hoon reported the latest status and announced the appearance of ‘Kinky Boots’. Lee Seok-hoon said, “I’ve been playing the musical ‘Kinky Boots’ again in two years.” Kim Shin-young said, “The fact that the musical crew has called again is that there is so much ticket power.” In response, Lee Seok-hoon promoted’Kinky Boots’, who reappeared after two years, saying, “It is recommended for those who think musically difficult or those who want to enter a musical. This work is so good.”

Kim Shin-young referred to Lee Ji-hoon’s new song, “I want one for you,” and asked, “Isn’t it difficult to do musical and album activities together?” “It’s not difficult. I’m sorry for my agency. I’m not doing it every day, it’s okay. I’m making it healthy,” he added.

Subsequently, Lee Seok-hoon and Lee Ha-yi sang songs for audiences. Listeners reacted explosively to Lee Seok-hoon’s sweet voice and Lee’s grooved charm.

Subsequently, questions related to Lee’s first fixed entertainment JTBC ‘Begin Again Korea’ also continued. Kim Shin-young asked, “Is it the first entertainment, didn’t I tremble? Is it a character that is floating?” Lee Ha-yi said, “I was very nervous. I got it.” I explained how I decided to appear. Lee Ha-yi said, “There was Jung Seung-hwan, and there was also Soo-hyun, so there was a lot of speech.” Soo-hyun is good at keeping the words asleep. I heard that her brother Chan-hyeok had never won a fight. ”

In addition, when asked if there was an entertainment program that she wanted to go out to, Lee Ha-yi replied honestly, “Any place you call me, I want to go out. Except ‘Jungle’…” In this regard, Kim Shin-young said, “I recommend ‘morning yard’ to you. We guarantee the basic rating of 15%.” Lee added, “If you call me, I will go to ‘morning yard.'”

Lee Ha-yi did not forget to promote the new song ‘Holo’. Lee Ha-yi, referring to the composer Ahn Shin-ae, said, “It’s so good. First, I called ‘Is there any song I’d like to receive?’ He sent me a few.” Revealed affection for At the same time, Lee Ha-yi praised the composer Ahn Shin-ae, saying, “It is convenient to sing any song received from Ahn Shin-ae.

Meanwhile, Lee Seok-hoon will appear as Charlie in the musical ‘Kinky Boots’, which will open on the 21st of next month. Lee joined Lee AOMG and returned to the single album ‘Holo’ on the 23rd.

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