Lee Soo-geun,’Lee’s restaurant Alone’, from the president to serving, “If you’re comfortable, I didn’t do it in the first place.”

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tvN ‘Lee’s restaurant Alone’ is finally open today (31st).

The second project of the ‘Moon Travel’ pledge, ‘Lee’s restaurant Alone (directed by Na Young-suk, Yang Jeong-woo)’ is an entertainment program featuring episodes of Lee Soo-geun running a restaurant alone in Gangwon-do, an environment-friendly rural, in midsummer. In a nice and clean mountain restaurant, Lee Soo-geun will cook a simple and delicious meal, and entertain the guests through pre-registration in advance and provide a unique fun. A lot of attention is focused on the operation of Lee Soo-geun’s mountain restaurant, predicting that Lee will play many characters as his second or third characters.

At the first broadcast at 10:50 on the 31st, Lee Soo-geun, the president and main chef, kitchen assistant, sergeant (General Manager of the Dishwasher), handling materials, serving, calculating, parking, etc. Lee Soo-geun, who is responsible for all tasks in the mountain restaurant himself, said, “I can do it honestly.” Although he’s done, there’s a lot more to prepare for the restaurant opening than he thought, and he said he was busy.

In particular, in the last 0 episodes, meeting with Paik Jong-won was noticed, and it caused a topic. In today’s 1st release, we are excited to meet Baek Jong-won and practice the new menu. Lee Soo-geun plans to learn cooking with Paik Jong-won and plan a menu to sell at a mountain restaurant. Paik Jong-won, who has given us menus with less taste and better taste at ‘Gangsikdang’, inspires curiosity about what advice to give to Lee Soo-geun.

PD Jung-woo Yang, director, said, “In the first episode, Lee Soo-geun, who prepares hard to serve customers properly in the mountain restaurant, is depicted. In the small house in front of the spacious potato field, there is a lot of effort to start Lee Soo-geun’s challenge. I look forward to it.”

tvN ‘Lee’s restaurant Alone’ is a 10-minute knit, and you can watch the full version through YouTube’Channel Fifteen Nights’ after the broadcast. Broadcast every Friday at 10:50.


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