‘Radio Star’ refutes Nam Hee-suk’s sniper “Kim Gura, not a rude MC… trying to give a chance to juniors” (Professional)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

‘Radio Star’ announced its position regarding Nam Hee-suk’s remark, targeting at Kim Gura.

On the 31st, MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ side said, “We are dismissing misunderstandings about what is being reported in relation to our ‘Radio Star’. MC Kim Gura, and we hope to understand it”.

“Radio Star” said, “It is not revealed through the broadcast, but we do our best for the performers of MC Kim Goo.” “It’s not a rude MC for the performers Kim Gura, who we watched.”

“I would be grateful if you would understand that the appearance of Kim Gura on the broadcast is the only character of the talk show ‘Radio Star’.” I hope that you understand that it’s characterized as a way to create a situation and draw charm.”

In addition, Kim Gura talks a lot about the recruitment of junior comedians and recommends it to the production team. “Always check the status and situation of junior comedians and keep an eye on them. I am doing it.”

Nam Hee-suk’s successive revelations showed that MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ continued to attract attention, and as the controversy grew, the ‘Radio Star’ side seems to have revealed its position.

Earlier, Nam Hee-suk shot on SNS on the 29th, saying, “In the ‘Radio Star’, when I was on Radio Star as the first guest, Kim Gura sat with his back turned and impressed, whenever he disagreed with me.”

“It’s his character, but he’s not really considerate. It’s just an act to keep his character,” he said. “That’s why some young guests often come out and try to catch his eyes, not viewers.”

On the 30th, “It wasn’t an abrupt, abrupt writing. It’s a story I’ve been watching and thinking about for a few years.” “I went to ‘Radio Star’ after a comedy with a comet. I hope you take care of others,” he once again pointed out.


Hello. This is MBC ‘Radio Star’ crew.

First of all, we would like to thank our viewers and media officials who always send us a lot of interest and love. The misunderstandings and hopes of understanding of what is being reported in connection with our “Radio Star” MC, Mr. Kim Gura, will be delivered to the production team.

1. Although it is not revealed through broadcasting, MC Kim Gura makes his best efforts for the performers.

At the shooting scene of’Radio Star’, Kim Gura shows how to communicate, considerate and take care of the performers before, during, and after filming. Kim Gura, who we watched, is not a rude MC to performers.

2. I would appreciate it if you understand that Kim Gura’s appearance on the broadcast is the only character of the talk show ‘Radio Star’.

Anyone who has watched our program for a long time will know that each MC has a character. In the case of Mr. Kim Gura, please understand that in order to give a chance to the performers, if the recording is not solved in a fun way, it is characterized as a way to draw attention by asking opposite questions or creating situations in various ways.

3. Kim Gura is the one who always talks to the crew about the comedians.

In fact, many of the comedians who were involved in the ‘Radio Star’ are those recommended by Kim Gura to the production team. We are always checking the status and situation of our junior comedians and watching them carefully, and we are suggesting that we give them a chance to stand out through’Radio Star’.

4. ‘Radio Star’ has a limited broadcast time, so there are some parts that are not visible in editorial terms.

As with many entertainment programs, there is an editing process to draw viewers’ fun. Editing is for viewers’ fun, and it does not capture the entire picture of MC Kim Gura.

‘Radio Star’ has undergone changes by listening to viewers’ opinions, and we will endeavor to keep the color of ‘Radio Star’ that has been observed for a long time. Thank you.

‘Radio Star’ production team dream
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