Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi ‘Naughty’ remix, today (31st) noon sound source + MV released

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi’s sequel ‘Naughty’ remix version will be released today (31st).

‘iScreaM Vol.3: Play (Naughty) Remix’, the third single of ‘iScreaM’, will be held at 12 o’clock on the 31st of July at 12 o’clock at Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Cougar. It will be released on various music sites such as music and co-worker music, and music videos can also be met at the same time through the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

The remix version of ‘Naughty’ was re-interpreted by DJ and producer Demicat as a bass song with a Nudisco style, and the original song of the pop dance genre. Various music elements, such as drop using, have been added to double listening fun.

In addition, this music video is expected to catch the eye because it is composed of colorful and colorful images and fascinating artwork that combines a stylish and cheerful song atmosphere.

Meanwhile, ‘iScreaM’ is a remix sound source public project conducted by ScreaM Records, an affiliate of SM Entertainment, and has received a good response by showing a remix single to enjoy songs from SM artists every month.

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